Saturday, December 05, 2009

This and That

Hello! Well Friday was the day we said goodbye (for now) to our dear friends Heather and family. I took them to the airport and managed to not cry until I was back in my van alone. Let me tell you it was quite the feat, because I'm known to cry easily and not ashamed to shed those tears.

I get back to post and Chad's called to say that at final formation (which was at 11 AM yesterday) they were going to have me "pin" him (he was promoted) so ultimately I got to go and rip off (it's all velcro now) his old rank and slap on the new one! :)

Yesterday we had professional photo's taken. I hadn't had the kids 8 yr, 6 yr, or 2 yr photo's done this year (BAD Mom) so we did those all in one session along with a family photo, and 1 of the 3 kids. We go to the Community Activity Center (CAC) to have our photo's done, since being stationed here they've had 3 photographers. This was our first time with the newest (3rd) photographer and she did a great job and it went very quickly. All three kids were really cooperative, did what they were told and just make it all very easy. I was truly so thrilled with how they behaved and very proud of them.
After photo's Chad and the boys played some pool then he took them to see Planet 51, which they loved! When they got home we finished putting the lights on our tree and decorating it, then it was time for Christmas Card photo's! I have had my camera for 10 months and still just have so much to learn about it. I did my first timer photo's of our family with it, and am really happy with them. I actually used my tripod for the first time last night and sadly I've had it for months and so should have used it before this. So here's a few photo from last night...

This photo Jackson was actually behind the camera/tripod and took of Chad and I.
Once again I'm having our cards made by my friend Tiffany. If you're looking for a unique and one of a kind (and very beautiful) Christmas Card or other unique gifts, Tiffany's your girl. She unfortunately had to take her website down, hopefully only temporarily, but if you're interested in seeing her work and possibly have her make you a card (which she only charges $10.00!) let me know and I'll share her facebook page she's created for her designs!


CntryMomma said...

That's so cool you got to help promote Chad!

Great pics! I need (want) NEED (WANT) a new camera ... :o( I need a tripod too. Santa Baby ... ?

Amanda said...

Such a beautiful family!! You guys are gorgeous! I was just thinking about you today... we have so much in common and this alike on so many things, MAN I wish we lived closer!!


I would totally travel to visit you!