Thursday, September 23, 2010

We have professional photo's done a couple weeks ago. Noah's 3 months, Emma's 3 years, Jack's 7 year and then we did all 4 of the kids and a family photo. Always missing one, but thankful for the blessings GOD has given us.


Kathleen said...

hi Christy,
I came upon your blog. My friend Paula and I have a ministry to military children...that's how I found you. I just want you to know that tonight I am in prayer for you. I am in tears for your loss and encouraged by your courage.Your site shows a devotion to Jesus which i share, a love of being a mom,another passion of mine (I'm a grandma now and mother of a soldier). May God bless you and your family. Thank you for your service to our nation, and for your service to Jesus Christ as we learn to walk with Him.

That corgi :) said...

Christy,they all came out great!! wow you got a photogenic family! loved everyone's smiles and Emma's poses (and her hat, what a cute hat!) good idea to get one of the family (I know in your hearts Jordyn was there). Always good to have one taken every so often to look back on.