Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just An Ordinary Day :)

This is Jacob one day at the park doing one of his favorite things....making "sand angels" rofl! I love this picture. The first time he ever did this, I "almost" flipped. I thought he'd lost his mind, then I remembered he's 5! LOL Yes his head was full of sand, but he had fun. Sand goes down the drain just like dirt does.
We normally go out everyday to the park, either this one which is just right across the street or one of the others near us. It wears the boys out. If they're really full of sand to the point that it's falling off of them even after I wipe it off, I'll rinse them off in the shower, but before bath they get a nice warm bath, which settles them down right before bed.

Darn I just uploaded the picture of Jack, hoping it'd be down here, and it popped up there beside's Jacob. Oh well. I know how to do it so I can get them right, but I messed up. Live and learn:) My boys happiest times I think are outside, playing, running, getting dirty, and just being boys! I know I always feel better after being outside. A lot of times when we go to the park, they will want me to play with them, then they go off and do their own thing. I don't shadow them. I can always see them where ever they're at and I just let them play. Jacob's new thing is jumping from structures. It makes me nervous, yet I know it's just this natural desire! I can remember being his age and jumping from much higher places. Amazingly I've never broken a single bone and as much as my brother managed to hurt himself, he never broke a bone either! LOL The structure he likes to jump from is about 5 feet tall, so it's not really that high, it's just I'm a Momma. Yet he jumps and laughs and giggles. I think there's that freedom of almost flying when you jump. Thankfully Jack's not much of a jumper, yet. He likes to jump out of the van when we get to where we're going, of course he likes to be able to hold my hand when he does this. He's not as brave as his big brother, YET!

I wish they could grow up with that sense of freedom I got to when I was their age. We lived in a tiny town, we knew how far we could ride our bike, etc....when we moved out to the country, we were the only house on the road (we rented this house) and we'd ride up and down that dirt road, ride our horses, run, and run and run. When my parents bought land and built their house, we had woods and a creek to explore. I was in 5th grade before we moved there, but it's hard to imagine now compared to not so long ago of when I was young running around for hours like we did. The world appeared to be safer. We lived out in the country nearly all my life, we knew our neighbors....they were our best friends and we'd spend our summers going from our house to theirs all day long, and to the pool in town. One or the other's mom would call when dinner was done and send the other home, unless we ate at their house.

I want my boys to have some of that carefree life I had as a child. That feeling of security. I know that's what most parents want for their children. I had for the most part a happy childhood. I have those "I wish" things too of course, but over all I was happy.

I hope my boys will look back at their childhood and say "I had a happy childhood".


Adventures In Babywearing said...

What a sweet post- I am always thinking about my actions and what I am doing with my boys wondering if they will think back on this- what will they remember? Hoping, too, that they feel like they had a happy fulfilling childhood, too.

P.S.Thanks for stopping by!

Malinda777 said...

Aren't little boys getting dirty in the sand one of the most beautiful sights on earth?

Beautiful kids, nice blog.

Here from Michele

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures! I was going to load some of yours up, but now I don't have to, lol!

To move the pictures you upload, just click on them and drag them where you want them. They'll stay oriented to whatever side you put them on, but go by the text you put in!

Will have to link to your post of the kids play time!