Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby Blue

With that title I have the George Strait song stuck in my head now, there's worse songs that's for sure!! Well with that title I can say I've had a little of the baby blues. Nothing too bad, but they seem to creep up here and there about everyday at some point. Just a little sadness, it normally leaves after a while. It's not PPD, just that normal little blue feeling we sometimes get after having a baby.

Today Emma and I woke up about 8:30. Chad was home from PT when the boys got up, so they let me sleep in a little. Emma sleeps well at night, but she still wakes up a couple times to nurse so it is nice to get extra sleep when I can! While Chad was home for lunch a friend of mine called, she's also the PWOC President and asked if she could bring us dinner. She had promised to bring me a cake that I love that another friend who PCS'd this summer, it's her recipe...anyways Juli's bringing not just the cake but dinner as well. Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread, and Death By Chocolate Cake! YUM!!! Of course that got me in a cleaning mood. I actually jumped in the shower since Chad was home, then when I got out cleaned the bathroom, swept the hall, made the boys start picking up the playroom. Everything is picked up off the floor, but nothing is where it's supposed to be, so now they are reorganizing everything correctly. I gave them one hour to clean and then I was going to start throwing things away, they managed to get it cleaned in the hour that I gave them. They have another hour for the organizing. So we'll see what happens!

I have clothes that need washed, but Chad will have to carry the laundry basket down this evening and I have clothes that need to be put away of the boys. Jacob can put his own away. I need to redo their closet so that Jack's clothes are on the bottom shelves and Jacob's are on the higher ones and they can both put their own clothes away. Maybe we'll do that this weekend.

Jack's 4th birthday is this coming Tuesday. I can't believe he's going to be 4. In so many ways he was just born! When we moved over here to Germany it was just a little over a month before his 2nd birthday. Time has gone by so quickly. Today him and I sat down and worked on him writing his letters, he did really well. We also worked on some basic phonics and he did well with that too. So although we haven't started back to school, I can't deny him when he wants to work on things!! I will pull out his preschool curc. in September and just do this simple work up until then.

Well Emma's waking up and will want to nurse soon.


Kelly said...

I'm so happy somebody offered to bring you dinner - what wonderful friends!