Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Twinge of Sadness

Those who've been in the military and stationed outside of the US knows what AFN is, what their human interest stories are and how often they're shown. Well today I saw a new one and it knocked me to the floor. Honestly normally they have little effect on me. Today's didn't have a little effect, it was huge. It was a story I knew all too well, it wasn't ours, but it has far too many similarties.

A family here who was stationed here in Germany's 5 yr old daughter was dx with ALL leukemia (Jordyn had the lesser common, but more deadly AML). They show Dad sitting in a chair with tears streaming down his face as he recalls the drs at Landstuhl telling them their little girl has leukemia. Then they cut over to where she's being treated now....Walter Reed. The tears were falling down my face before I even had a thought go through my mind as I looked at the familiar and almost comfortable setting of the Ped. Hem/Onc clinic. For many you will not understand that, but for over a year that was our 2nd home. It's where we held onto so much hope at, where we had so much love given to us, but most of all to our Jordyn. You see half of her life was pretty well spent in the halls of the 5th floor of Walter Reed. We spent many days running to stay up with her as she giggled her way through, hooked up to chemo and all. Nothing stopped her.

My heart is just heavy now, and it's been oh 5 hrs since that darn thing was on. I keep looking at Emma and praying.I want her to have health, a long life, and true joy (which will only be found through Christ). I want that for my boys as well. I know God's got us, each and every one of us...I guess I just need that reminder a little more some days.


Kelly said...

Oh Christy, How could they? How could they not know that just for a few moments you want to pretend that you "know" everything is going to be OK. How could they chose NOW to show that story? As if we needed any more reminders in our lives!