Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Day

Today was a good day. We woke up and we went to Vilseck. I hadn't been there before, they have a PX that's bigger than ours, Graf's building a new one that will be done next month, well it's finished but now their filling the shelves (oh and they built a new commissary too) the PX will be the biggest in Europe or the World, I can't remember what the paper said and Chad threw it out! Either way it's going to be huge and I can't WAIT for it to be done! It's an hour and a half drive, but we'll be making the drive periodically and the fact that it'll be done close to Christmas WAHOO!!!! I'm thinking I'll get a babysitter for the boys and for my friends son and her, Chad, and I will go up there and do some Christmas shopping if she wants to go with us!

We did have a good time in Vilseck though. Chad took the long way there, not on purpose, but considering that the times he's been there was either going out to the field or for class and he had other people with him that had been there before to help him he did good. I was a little annoyed with him thinking we were lost, but once he showed me he wasn't I was good! ;)

So...we got there, did our shopping, grabbed some lunch. I got a really nice compliment! A lady told me what nicely behaved my boys were! They were too, I give them credit they were being very good. But to hear a perfect stranger compliment you on that! Wahoo!

Emma was so good today too! She slept the whole way there, oh and we were stuck in a traffic jam on the way there in Erlangen (Linda knows where this is) wasn't a complete stand still just really, really slow...ultimately a car was broken down, the polize (police) were there, and they seemed to be waiting for a tow truck or someone. Once we were past them it was good traveling, and that was WITH construction too! She didn't wake up until after we were done shopping and got to the food court, where I nursed her and she was a happy, sleepy baby again! We went to the furniture store on post to see what they had there. We found our future matress!! A Sealy pillow top. The one they had on display was a King size and of course Chad and I were drooling over the size of it along with the comfort, but of course our bed is a queen. The price is up there. I'm going to talk to my mom and see how much their mattress cost them because I'm thinking it's about the same price and if we can get the mattress my parents have well that'd be even better. They have a select comfort (each of them has a controller for their side of the bed to adjust the firmness of their side of the mattress). I don't know if we can get it over here or not, but I'm going to go and way or another in the next few months we're going to have a new mattress!

So anyways...our day there at Vilseck ended with us stopping at the pond there on post, letting the boys play...Chad and them found lots of frogs and there was a park there too they played at, while I nursed Emma. Then when we left there we drove through housing, feeling a little envious that most people there live in two story homes (granted their either duplexes or quadplexes...but they still looked nice sized from the outside, everyone has their own backyard and car port! But that's ok...because I think the area of Germany we live in is more beautiful! Anyways we did find they also have a large lake there on post, and you can take out canoe's which you can rent there. They also have a nice park there at the we're going to go back sometime and Chad and the boys can go out on the canoe!

The drive home was really good. It did start raining, pouring during one area, but the drive over all was just really nice. The kids all slept at one point, Jacob was up for most the drive but was really good. Next time I told him to bring something for him to do or a book to read...something! Because he was of course bored! We got home and popped a pizza in the oven (I had done some thinking before hand and had Chad pick up a frozen pizza yesterday for tonight). We had dinner, the boys played for a while, and then off to dreamland for them! :)

It was really a good day. I got to watch My Chiefs play too, even if they did lose which I'm not particularly happy about..but it's just preseason. Watched the next to last Grey's Anatomy for the season, we'll have to record next weeks because we're going to start going to the Hospitality House, we'll go there at least until Soccer Season starts and hopefully even after it starts we can still manage to get there on Friday nights, which is also game nights.

Ok well I guess I'm done for tonight! :) It was really nice to have a good day!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I'm so glad the boys were on their best behavior all day (woulda been a long day if they were acting up! LOL) Maybe you should just get a whole new bed and make it king size?!!