Friday, August 24, 2007

A few new pictures

I haven't been great about adding pictures here, so here's a few new(er) pictures! :) All is going really well. Emma just seems to fit perfectly into our family and truly it seems like she's always been here in so many ways. She's 3 weeks old now, and is growing. She's gained 6 oz from her birth weight, she'd lost weight of course after birth like all babies do, but since it was all in grams I can't tell you exactly how low she got, well I could but haven't went to that website and put in the numbers! :) She's grown 1/2 an inch as currently she's at 8 lbs and 20 inches long. She's doing great nursing and still a good little sleeper, who's favorite place to snooze is on Mommy especially and Daddy is satisfactory if he is the option for the moment (which currently he is!). The boys are doing great! We've been to the park everyday this week. It's rained almost everyday this week, so the sand is nice and wet and I've been a spraying/pretreating fool when they come in...but clothes wash and little boys wash, most importantly they're happy, worn out, and sleeping great at night themselves! Let me tell you...there's nothing like smiling, happy, worn out kids. They can get as dirty as they all washes away sand goes down the drain, dirty comes off the lasts a lifetime! They'll remember these days of being able to simply be a kid, get dirty, being allowed to be free and not worry about things. They don't need to worry about staying clean or worry about things that their little minds don't need to worry about. Seeing them digging a huge hole in the sand (I'm waiting on my chinese btw! LOL...seriously you should see this hole they've been working on all week!), watching them run around chasing each other, and most of all hearing their laughter. These are the moments I'll treasure. I do treasure them. Plus let me tell you they sleep so good after a few hours outside! Running around and burning off all that built up energy! Does a little body good! There when we first brought Emma home we didn't go outside and Jack was waking up every night, then we got back into our park routine and he's back to sleeping all night long!!'s the pictures! :)

Jack at the park..yup I'm a mom that allows my SON to play with a GUN! Gasp! :)

The boys on the merry-go-roundMiss Emma snoozing contently on DaddyDaddy and Emma sleeping..Jacob and Jack both love being big brothers...Emma doing one of her favorite activities...sleeping! :)


Kelly said...

I just can't get over how happy I am for you. It seems like, well, the first time in a long time that things are going your way. (OK, so except for the van and the annoying hubby - ROFL). She is just SO beautiful it makes me cry. And the boys just look as pleased as punch to have a little girl in the family.

Sheri said...

Your little Emma Grace is precious. I am sorry you are having a hard time (or were having a hard time, maybe you have it all worked out a little).

We'll be praying!