Monday, December 03, 2007

Awesome Original Christmas Cards

A friend of mine is VERY creative and this year instead of having a prefabricated Christmas card, we have a totally original one!
Her website is:
Wait for her site to completely load up and click on "cards" ours is an example and my sweet friend Emily's is the other example. My best friend Tami has had Tiffany make her one and I know of a few other friends who are having Tiffany make them one too! She does an awesome job and will do everything she can until you're 100% happy with how it turns out!
She's also making one of my Christmas gifts (yes I know about it!!) I'm getting a Wall Collage. My mom and mil are also getting one! So if you're looking for a good and original Christmas gift idea...Tiffany has them!
Ok this mini advertisement is over! ROFL!!