Monday, December 03, 2007

How God Works

God is awesome. Oh most if not all of us who are believers have said it once if not numerous times in our walk with him...yet when we see him doing things in our lives or others it's just well AWESOME, AMAZING, Breath-taking. Currently Emily is seeing him doing all sorts of things and although she's not blogged about it (or at least not yet) I won't talk about that, because it's not mine to share...either way just know God's moving people in Kentucky!

Now where's my awesome moments with God coming from then? Well Emily a few hours ago she asked me to pray for her as she went to do something. So I did and well during that prayer which he sooo took care of, as it was one of those immediate prayers, he convicted my butt so hard and so fast my head spun! The thing is...when you know you're doing something you're not supposed to and you even say those words outloud...but say or do it anyways, you KNOW God's going to get you. I just didn't expect him to get me so quickly! But...he did! I smile and rejoice in that though. The simple fact is that he loves me enough to correct me quickly and almost immediately in this case for my disobedience. To know that he loves me so much that he's ready to grab me up and discipline me. Just as I do my children, he does me...his child!

What an awesome God he is!

I truly appreciate his love through disciple. I think it's one of the ways he shows it that I can really appreciate the easiest as a mother. I often feel like I spend some days doing nothing but this, and I have no doubt God feels this way and definately on me.

I have praises going through my head as I type this. Thanking him for loving me so much. For not letting me get away with things. For shaking me when I need a good shaking, for giving my heart the what for, for shutting my mouth when it needs shut, stilling my fingers when they need stilled. Now the key is to listen to him when he tells me not to do or say things. That's where my free will really fights him. We're sinners by nature and well I admit it...there are times I want to sin. I want to gossip, say ugly things about someone, listen to gossip, etc. I know those are the biggest fights I have. So I ask that you pray for me on those. They're in my top five biggest strong holds and I don't want them to be a strong hold for me.

Giving these over to God and not taking them back....that's big. We all know it is. When it's a sin we partially don't want to give up. I think that's when you know it's really bad for you! Tonight when I go to bed/sleep I know what I'll be praying about.

I pray that you can recognize your strongholds, that you can give them to God, and not take them back! That's my prayer for you.