Thursday, February 28, 2008

If My Head Weren't Attached

I know we've all had days, weeks, months, probably for some even years where if your head were not attached you'd forget it too! I was having a great day today! I had a dentist apt today for a cleaning, that went well, picked the kids up from my friend who so kindly watched them. At 3:00 Emma and Jacob had pictures taken for Emma's 6 months and Jacob turning 7. Those went great, I let the kids play at the CAC playroom for about 30 minutes, grabbed a snack and then we headed home. Stopped at the park, but only stayed for about 5 minutes since Jack was in sandels and socks and I wouldn't let him take them off and he decided he had to go to the bathroom, so we came home. I got dinner going (already had it planned what we were having for the last 2 days actually!!) and sat down here and my phone rang. It was my FRG leader. The moment she said who it was I remembered. I was supposed to make dinner for a soldier's family. His wife is in the hospital and so he and their kids need fed! I felt horrible, knowing it'd take at least 1 1/2-2 hrs to make what I had planned since my chicken wasn't defrosted. Thankfully we got it all situated, but I just blanked on it.

On other news, just a few more days until Chad's home. I'm ready. I've missed him so much this month. Normally when he goes out for training it doesn't bother me that much, and really I've been fine, but the last week I've just felt like "isn't the month done yet?". Knowing that he'll be heading downrange in just a short while. Knowing all he'll be missing out on with the kids. It's our 5th deployment, I KNOW how this goes. I know we'll get through it, I know he'll get through it. I also know there will be bumps in the road, tears, laughter, and growth. Most of all I know God will carry us through. So enough of my moping. I'm counting down the days until my honey's home and we can enjoy the time we have together before he's gone again.