Friday, February 08, 2008

PWOC Women's Conference!

***I wrote this out for another blog, but thought I'd put it here. I'm just C&P because I'm being lazy! LOL*****

The first part of the conference went great tonight! Let me tell you that if you've never just FELT GOD in a room with you, you're truly missing out. I could just feel him all around me tonight in chapel. Oh what an absolute blessing! First we had our local choir sing, well the ladies of the choir. They sang one song, then one of the ladies sat down and the other 2 sang a duet and it was beautiful. I just had chills and goosebumps all over my body. I just got them again thinking about it. One of the ladies just has the most amazing, beautiful, and powerful voices I've ever heard! What a loss the Gospel world has by her not being a recording artist. Yes she's seriously that good. Everytime I hear her sing I am just touched to the core. After they finished we had scriptural reading, then "C" played the piano. She and her husband who's a chaplain are both Korean. They were both born and raised there and actually had an arranged marriage. They DO love each other and had known each other since they were born. We definately live in culture! :) She plays just so beautifully. I always wanted to play piano and listening to her, it's testimony of WHY. When it's done well, it's just amazing. After she finished there was another scriptural reading and then I sang. No music was played...just me and the microphone and Emma who was being held by "B" was singing too! LOL I sang, Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless. I had just sang this on Wed. as my devotional for PWOC. I was supposed to sing "God of Wonders" but just really did not feel that was the song God meant for me to sing tonight. I prayed with my friend T who's the one in charge of the Conference and God made it VERY clearn during our prayer that this was the song I was to sing. So I sang it. Let me tell you, on Wed. in front our our intimate group of women who I'm friends with almost all of, my voice shook at various times, I got choked up a couple times...I did well, but it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. Tonight voice never shook. I kept hearing Emma and just found myself smiling and praising GOD while I was singing. I wanted this song to be all about Jesus. All about him, all about how he promised us he'd never leave us, that he's here always, that we can always count on him...I sang that song not to those beautiful women sitting in the chapel tonight, but I sang it to Jesus. I sang it to my savior, who has held me when I've been down on my knee's with my face in the floor. I sang it to him,as he held me when I couldn't hold myself up. I sang it to the one who has loved me through all my ugliness and still did not turn his back on me. I sang it to the man who holds my child in his arms and keeps her. Wednesday I sang it to the ladies, tonight I sang it to Christ and oh what a difference it made! After me, another scriptural reading and then the ladies who come to PWOC but go to the Free Gospel service did a Dance to a song called "Yes". WOW! Many of us were crying. I plan on getting this song, it's just amazing. The ladies danced this song as words. Four beautiful women, dancing for Jesus! We had a Poem read by our Board president and it was also beautiful. It was about being Quiet and just hearing God, listening to him. It was perfect. Then we had a Christian band. The lead singer is our Area Vice President. The bass player is OUR Ch. Assistant, so we all cheered quite loudly for him! ;) The band was great. Tomorrow the lead singer will be the guest speaker.
Oh, I forgot! We all got surpised too! One of our sisters and a precious friend of mine, they moved a week after she had her son, about 3 hrs away. (To another Army Post). Anyways, she came! She's going to be here until Wednesday! She walked up to me and I actually screamed out of Joy! I was so thrilled to see her! She wanted to surprise me! Her little boy has grown so much! He's almost 3 months old and just so beautiful! I just grabbed him from her! She couldn't believe how big Emma's gotten! She held her at the end of the evening and couldn't believe how active and vocal she is either! LOL!
Anyways, tonight was wonderful. Sorry no video of me singing to the one (I think Janis??) who asked! But here's the words to the song!

Promise Of A Lifetime LyricsArtist(Band):Kutless
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I have fallen to my knees
As I sing a lullaby of pain
I’m feeling broken in my melody
As I sing to help the tears go away
Then I remember the pledge you made to me

I know you’re always there
To hear my every prayer inside
I’m clinging to the promiseof a lifetime
I hear the words you say
To never walk away from me and leave behind
The promise of a lifetime

(2nd Part of Chorus)
Looking back at me
I know that you can see my heart is open toT
he Promise of a lifetime

Will you help me fall apart
Pick me up, take me in your arms
Find my way back from the storm
And you show me how to grow
Through the change
I still remember the pledge you made to me
I am holding on to the hope I have inside
With you I will stay through every day
Putting my understanding aside
And I am comforted

I'm truly looking forward to tomorrow! Oh btw! Tomorrow is my birthday!! :) I'll be 31! :) I am finding I'm enjoying getting older, enjoying my birthday's! It's a blessing really. God has allowed me to live one more day, one more year. What a blessing that is! Have a fabulous evening!
PS, please keep Emily in your prayers. God knows what is going on, it's a good thing, it's TRULY a GOD thing...but just keep her in them if you would!