Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Most Important Thing

Tonight we had Awana and as always it was wonderful. Wonderful that God's allowed me to help lead children into a relationship with himself, watch my oldest son's relationship with Christ grow, know that just across the street my youngest son's relationship is growing with Christ, and that in the midst of all of it Emma's being exposed even without her knowing it fully!

Tonight we had a special speaker. Bob Mortimer. He's been here before as a speaker and he's not only inspirational to adults, he's so honest and kids LOVE him! His legs and left arm were all amputated because of choices he made as a young, unsaved man. Drugs and alcohol. But he came to know Christ, married a woman that as he says "be still my heart", he's obviously in love with, and has 3 children.

The thing is this man is a great example that we never know how God is going to change us. God could have stopped Bob and his brother from getting in that vehicle that night. He could have shown Bob the utility lines that were down on the ground before he fell upon them, yet he didn't. He allowed consequences to his actions, and painful and life changing ones, yet without them he very well may have never came to have a relationship with him.

I don't know what tomorrow holds for me or my children. What I do know is that showing them that a relationship with Christ is essential is the most important thing I can give them, show them, teach them. I have to be a living example of Christ to them, if I'm not, then what am I teaching them? Jesus is the absolute most important man in my life and he must be the most important in my children's. He must be more important than Chad. I don't know what life holds for my children, what I do know is that if they don't have a relationship with Jesus it's not going to mean a single thing. They could have all the success that life has to offer them, but they can't take that success to Heaven with them. They could have ever material item that this world allows, but when they die it's going to remain here. What I can teach them is that a relationship with Jesus is something they can take with them when they day and will allow them an eternity in Heaven, without that relationship they can only guarentee an eternity in hell.

I have a responsibility to my children to show them the way to Heaven. They'll have to make the choice to go, but I have to show them the door, if I don't, I have no business being a parent.

For a few years I was locked in this idea that the worse thing that could happen to me was for another of my children to die or Chad to die, but that's absolutely not the worse thing. The worst thing that could happen is one of them dying without a relationship with Christ. Without salvation they have nothing. I must teach them about Christ. I must show them Christ through my own actions, words, and heart. I must surround them with others who are living for Christ as well, and explain to them the alternative. Once I've done that, I've done the most important part of my job as their momma. There is still a great deal of work to be done even after showing them the road to Salvation, but nothing will be nearly as important!

So my question for each of you today, for those who have children...what's stopping you from sharing Christ with them? Do you think your children are invinsible? Do you think that tomorrow is promised to them? It's not. I'm living proof.

My prayer for you is that you will introduce your children to Jesus, if you have not already. That you'll not only talk the talk of Christ, you'll be walking the walk as well. That you can show them how to love our Savior and just what he can do in their life. It doesn't mean we are going to be perfect. It does not mean we're not going to have bad days as parents, women, etc...just that his love and gift are free.

God Bless