Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crisis Adverted..whew!

We had a crisis in our home a little bit ago. Jacob lost another tooth (still a big deal, even though it's his I believe 7th or 8th tooth). We have a tooth box, I found them in Poland when shopping for pottery at my favorite shop (unfortunately they do not have them anymore, when I was there a few months ago..sniff-sniff). I had purchased two of them. Well Jacob went to put his tooth into his tooth box and Jack hit his arm on accident as he was about to place the tooth in the box and it fell in either the dresser or the toy box. Jacob was in tears. There was a little bag in the dresser, and so they started going through it and Jack found the tooth. Daddy was already called to make sure he had a gold dollar (that's what the tooth fairy brings after the 1st tooth...1st tooth gets a whopping $5.00 which I think is INSANE, but seems she's a cheapskate in our home compared to all their friends! She brings one friend $20.00 every time. We have a friend who has a friend who she brought a DS for a lost tooth. INSANITY and honestly very sad to me). Anyways, Daddy has the gold dollar (he has a few since Jack has his 2nd tooth loose and it could fall out at anytime, so we're all prepared).

So for those of you who do the Tooth fairy, how much or what does she bring? What about other holiday's? Such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter?? For V-day we normally do a small toy and a small amount of candy (remember I home school so we've never done exchanging cards with other kids), St.Patty's Day...nothing we just make sure we have green on us somehow, we actually try to have fun with this one, since Chad's Irish.We have some crazy green curly hair wigs, huge Leperchaun hats, I have some fun earrings...just silly goofy things. Easter always something related to Christ, be it a book about the Resurrection, DVD, or a kids Christian CD, some candy, and maybe a toy (just depends)'s more about Christ and his resurrection for our family.

Anyways, the tears are all dried up for tonight. :)


Kelly Dawn said...

I have all the kids teeth that I pulled - and we used to do a $1 - just one - sometimes only change depending on what tooth it was - cause you know some teeth are WAY more valuable than

We do a little something for EVERY holiday - drives everyone i am a i love it!!

Linda said...

first tooth brings $5, the rest bring a dollar each. One time, the tooth fairy forgot to pick up the tooth pillow (like you tooth box) and there were a lot of tears...but you know what KS weather is like, right? Well, it was just around the time the tornado hit, so we'd had a lot of wind....poor tooth fairy just couldn't fly with the bad weather!

Linda said...

Oh, and I have all of Hannah's 9 teeth lost (so far). She doesn't know this, though. I'll give them to her someday.

Missie said...

My kids only got a dollar for every tooth! LOL

Sandra Annedore said...

You are really collecting the teeth? I never even heard about the tooth fairy until a little while ago LOL.

However we celebrated easter and always got a nest from the easter bunny with chocolate, eggs and a small toy.

We never celebrated valtentines but st.niclas (6th of december) and christmas of course.

Caroline said...

My first child is only 7 months, so we are trying to decide what to do for things like this! I already have his Easter basket, which I am excited about!

Now you've got me thinking...what to do about the tooth fairy!