Wednesday, February 17, 2010

update on sickness in our home

Well Jacob's still sick. He's not vomitting so you get the picture of what the poor guy's dealing with. Thank you for praying for my little man. He barely ate today, but thankfully kept the liquids going. He fell asleep early so hopefully with the extra rest he'll be feeling better soon. Although he kept telling me he felt ok through the day I knew he didn't, because Jacob's the
type of boy who the instant he gets out of bed he's got his jeans and shirt on. He never got dressed today so that was an easy answer to me.

I do have a prayer request for me too. I've been dealing with a throat virus for a month now. The drs suggestions was lots of rest (rofl...I have 3 kids and am pregnant oh and I homeschool), not to talk (again are you kidding me...this is when he asks "do you have other children?"**besides the one I'm pg with***when I told him yes and I homeschool my older 2 and the youngest is 2), he agree's it'll be hard and said drink hot tea with lemon and honey to soothe it (at the time my throat did hurt, it does not now). Well, off and on over the last 4 weeks my voice has been hoarse, I've lost my voice, it's gone in and out. You get the picture. Last week while we were in Garmisch my voice was the best it'd been, still slightly hoarse, but everyday it just seemed to get better and better, then Saturday came along. I woke with no voice, it slowly came to a rough hoarseness and stayed like that. Sunday I had no voice, I was back to whispering as that was all I could do. Monday, Chad was off of work for President's Day so I took advantage and barely whispered a word, mostly I did a lot of mouthing, pointing, and clapping (to get their attention). I was honestly very hopeful that come Tues., I'd have a bit of a voice, that the I stuck with whispering. Today it got a little better, until it was dinner time and it started going in and out. I am honestly so very frustrated and just sick of it. My throat does NOT hurt, unless I really push and try to get more than a whisper out. So I'm here to ask you to pray that GOD will heal my throat and voice. It's been a month of this now, there are no medications to's not bacterial so no antibiotic is going to do anything anyways. To top it all, Chad's going to be gone for a couple of weeks so it's all going to be on my shoulders.

Thank you, you don't know how much it'll mean to me to have your prayers for me and more so for Jacob.

Humbled at his feet....


Terri said...

Aww, I hope you both feel much better soon!

Keeping both of you in my prayers


Kelly Dawn said...

saying my prayers for you guys tonight - say some for me to when you wake up in he morning - going to the dr at 9 am...