Tuesday, February 16, 2010

interesting thing about being honest and real!

So I got this comment (that I will not be posting) just a few minutes ago telling me I'm too judgemental, etc, etc and why those who are on the fence on THEIR walk with CHRIST, walk away. First this was a comment on my post "Lets Get Real"..."Susan" did you read that I ADMITTED I was being judgemental and saw my OWN sin there???
No, then please by all means take another read. And just in case you or anyone else comes here and are confused....I'M NOT PERFECT. I'm NOT AN EXAMPLE of PERFECTION, especially in my walk with Christ. Like I said in that post and have stated before, I fall on my face CONSTANTLY. CONSTANTLY. No seriously...a hundred times a day. It sucks, but I recognize this and am working on it. And I hate to inform you, but you're responsible for your own walk with CHRIST. Not me, because I'm not perfect, and have all sorts of sins I am dealing with, working on, trying overcome, etc. If your walk is not where you want it, think it should be, etc I'll most definitely pray for you, but will not take responsibility because you don't want to, sorry that's not mine to own, that's between you and Christ. Oh and honey I know I'm fat, I know that's another of my sins, so while you call me judgemental, take a look in the mirror. Personally I have honestly not met a person who's being HONEST who is not judgemental of others in some way or form. It's NOT ok, but when we're being honest it's a truth. The only one I know that's perfect, sinless, who does not need that plank pulled out of their own eye...is Christ.

Want to know more of my sins, ok..here goes and judge me all you want....I yell at my kids, I'm not submissive to my husband like I'm supposed to be, I judge people often, I don't love everyone, I often don't even love myself, much less like myself. I eat too much, and often too much of the wrong things, I drink pop, I say swear words from time to time (really working on that one hard...I had completely stopped for about 8 years and in the last couple have started slipping up again), I get jealous, I covet things that others have. The list goes on and on. I'm a SINNER. I'm failable, I'm often unlovable, my attitude often stinks, I get it, that I NEED Jesus more than ANYTHING in this world, and am SO very thankful that he loves me inspite of my sins. I'm so thankful that because Christ died for me, GOD does not see me covered in my sins, but see's my perfection and if you KNOW and have proclaimed Christ as your Savior, he see's your perfections as well. We still have to confess with our mouth our sins to the LORD, but he FORGIVES us. I am not sharing my sins as something I'm proud of, I'm not. I'm being honest, being real and sharing that without Jesus I'd be hopeless. The wonderful thing is though that because of Jesus, because I repent and try hard to take responsibility for MY own sins.....I have the HOPE of Heaven, of forgiveness, of being with my Savior one day, and being with my sweet beautiful Jordyn. "Susan" I hope you will know that hope, that love, and that grace if you don't already.


Amanda said...

I dont know what this is all about (as usual.. I am slow) but I know you and GOODNESS gracious!! Whoever this Susan is DOESNT know you and how you throw yourself at the Lords feet and are trying every single day to honor Him and SINCE you are saved, you are HIS princess and precious child!! This Susan needs to remember that before she goes around throwing accusations and trying to be cruel to one of Gods Children. Vengence is His!

Be blessed sweet Christy-

Linda said...

that's the thing that people don't often see...that Christians...people who are Christ-followers...we're NOT perfect...but no matter that fact, we ARE forgiven. Christ shed his grace and blood while I was STILL SINNING.

You are right, we are all fallible. And the one thing that you have the many who claim to follow Christ DON'T have, is the ability to admit that you make mistakes.

Mark and Elayne said...

The only one you own an explaintion to to us G-d and your husband. All others can keep stepping. A personal relationship with the Messiah is just that, personal and you summed it up in a nutshell. You are fine just the way you are and whatever changes that must be made in your life is between you and Yeshua. And remember; it is satan that is the accuser of the brethren. As my grandmother would say: if satan isn't coming against you-that means your walking with him

Kathryn said...

Thank you for being honest. No one is perfect, I am sorry someone left you that comment.

CntryMomma said...

Yee to the Haw, girl! This is why I love you so much. You are real and honest. I think that scares some people. At least, this is way I think I can rub some people the wrong way. What's the use of sugar-coating or hiding the truth?!

I'd rather be overweight in Christ then skinny with Satan. LOL

Please let me know if "Susan" has a blog so I don't read it, please. @@

Kelly Dawn said...

ok so sorry for the cuss - but who the hell is trying to call YOU out??? good grief!!! You know your real friends love you and know you and love you anyway - just like you love us despite our sinning and faulty ways....I lvoe you and I am sorry you are having to go thru this - although who cares what she thinks - the only person YOU have to answer to is Jesus :)

Katrina said...

Thanks for following me! I am following you back!

I read the post this one mentions, and I agree with what Linda said... what's with people thinking that Christians are supposed to be perfect and act perfect? The ones who appear perfect are the ones who usually have the most problems and aren't honest with themselves or others. =)

Beth in NC said...

Girl, we ALL need Jesus and ALL of us fall short. Sorry someone sent you a snotty comment. Sigh. People ...


Sandra Annedore said...

All the things that you named as sins... I wouldn't really call them sins. I'd call them human. You are a human being and that alone means that you are not perfect. NOBODY IS PERFECT!

Terri said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh Girlllllllll

I just seen this post and GRRRRRR! It went all over me!

Someone sure doesn't know you very well , I have known you for years and I mean years...and although we may all be judgemental from time to time you have NEVER ever been judgemental towards me...and fat??!! Say what?! Those that tend to call people fat later down the road tend to get fat themselves... karma! You look beautiful darlin if I must say so myself, so hold that head high and don't for once let that get you down! So sorry someone was so rude to you.

Love ya girl!
Hugs Terri