Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More sickness and vacation

I tried to post last night, but Miss Emma woke up and wanted me, so off to cuddle with my sweet girl who's been sick since Saturday night. She wanted nothing to do with Daddy, and was all about mommy and has been for the last few nights. I've gotten very little accomplished, because all she wants is to lay on top of me and sleep and cuddle, who can say no to that and why would you? She's been running a fever of around 102-103 since Saturday night. Honestly our bodies are amazing things, GOD knew what he was doing when he gave us an immune system, allowed our bodies to get fevers to fight off various virus's and infections. I'ms praying she starts feeling better soon. We're heading out of town next week, to enjoy ourselves in Garmish. We're going to stay in a cabin, Chad and the boys will be going skiing, Chad and all the kids will go sledding, and we'll get in plenty of swimming, and hopefully the hot tub will be at a good and safe temp and I can relax in the hot tub (don't worry if it's warmer than bath water tempature I will not get in it.). I'm also going to schedule a massage! Can I just say now I LOVE massages! :) I am going to try to schedule it for my birthday! (yes that's next week)

When we return from our vacation, Chad will be working probably a lot of late days. Our battalion's setting up a new company and Chad's one of the 4 that will be doing this and then will be sponsoring over 50 new soldiers coming here for that company between mid/late Feb-mid March. It's great for him, but I know we won't probably get to see him much and he'll probably be ready to pass out when he does come home. So goes the Army life! In late March we'll be celebrating 13 years of marriage, and then 4 days later mark what would have been Jordyn's 12th birthday. Hard to believe, she went home to Heaven at only 2 yrs, 1 month, and 8 days old. The years have honestly went by so quickly, which is great in matters of I'm that much closer to joining her with our Savior in Heaven, but times just goes by too quickly with our other children and I want it to slow down.

On other news!! :) Then pregnancy is flying by! I'll be 23 weeks on Friday. The baby moves quite a bit and I love it! I don't want to rush this pregnancy (it's not our last, but each pregnancy is precious and I'm thankful for each and every one!) but I do look forward to meeting this new little miracle and find out if there's a boy growing inside of me or a girl! But that will be somethin
we find out when she/he makes their great appearance in a few more months! (Oh and don't ask about names...we don't share, not even what we're thinking of!!)