Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blessings Abound Us

Hi! There's not a lot of blogging or blog reading going on here, I've had moments where I get on and read, but not a lot. I will not even apologize if I've not stopped by your blog, I'm picking and choosing how I spend my time online, if I've felt moved enough to leave a message then I have, but there are times I don't have a lot to add or have not taken the time to read.

We're having a good time. We had our taxes done today, that was good! :) We're getting a really nice amount back. I jokingly told Chad today after we got the number back that "sometimes it actually pays to be poor" LOL. Most is going into savings, but what's not is paying off a bill and I'm buying my long desired camera and Kitchen Aid mixer!! The camera will be a Canon Rebel SLR or EOS. I can't wait! I've been doing a lot or research, I have 2 friends who have a good deal of knowledge on camera's and have asked them their opinions, thoughts, suggestions, etc which has been a great help.

Chad and I also have set up additional money to go into our savings and by the time Chad gets home we'll have a really nice amount saved. Then next year after income tax time we will have enough to order a brand new van and pay for it in cash. I want no debt, that's goal for me. We're not sure when we'll actually order the van though. Chad wants to wait until we get back to the states and just do it there, and just let our savings continue to grow. We are praying and asking God to guide us. We want to be good stewards with our money.

Chad and I have had a great deal of discussions about how our life is and how much God has blessed us. We so do not deserve all these blessings, but we are so very thankful for them. It's amazing this road the Lord had led us on, it's one that I've never imagined some great things, some of the most difficult ever, yet through it all the Lord has held Chad and I closely and through him he's had has cleave to each other as well. Our marriage is stronger now than it's ever been and I see it getting nothing but stronger. I do not believe that our trials are over, they will not end until we are face to face with our Savior. I do believe that we can make it through anything because of God, because we are one in flesh as husband and wife, and because we have amazing prayer warriors that have prayed for us and continue to pray for us as a couple and a family. I think it's so important to not only be a couple who prays together and alone, but have friends (and family) who pray for you. I hope each of you have that and if you don't, let me know and I'll pray for you and your marriage. We need prayer when things are going beautifully and not so beautifully.

I doubt I'll write again until next week. We leave on Friday for Garmish, we'll be enjoying the snow while we're there. They already have quite a bit there and are getting more right now and will be getting more over the next few days! We have decided we'll most likely just all go sledding together as a family. Spend time in the pool, and the hot tub (which is not hot, but like a perfect warm bath outdoors with the snow falling on us,...oh it's the best!!!!). Chad and I are both getting massages on Saturday! I'm really looking forward to that! LOL We are then heading to Salzburg on Monday. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

God Bless


CntryMomma said...

The Hubby and I have been eyeing the very same camera. ;o)

So glad you are so happy . . .truly happy. Scott and I used to pray together but got out of the habit. I think we both feel uncomforable doing it. However, I don't have a problems doing it with the girls. (So have to write an entry on it. . . so precious!!)


Gillie said...

Debt free is a wonderful goal! Not enough people can say that these days.:)