Monday, February 02, 2009

Not Me Monday

Yep it's Monday and as usual I wait until late in my evening to do it, because If I even attempt to blog while my children are up they surely do NOT start pestering me and wanting all of my attention. Surely you know that children are to be seen and not heard, especially in our home!

I did not find myself a little weepy on Saturday as we celebrated Jacob's 8th birthday. EIGHT years, wow have they flown by.

I am not listening to Jackson hack up a lung right now, and kicking myself for forgetting to make a run to the clinic to get more cough syrup for the poor kid.

I was NOT thrilled to find out that Emma is finally eating again. She was more or less on a food strike for the last couple of weeks. I was not getting concerned at all. I did not do a little happy dance when I found out she ate a whole pear, tons of cheerio's, sweet potatoe snacks, and a few other things while at my friends home and drank all of her cup of water! I also was not thrilled that she ate a decent dinner either!

I'm definitely not doing the happy dance that my baby girl seems to finally be on her way to feeling better!

I am definitely NOT overwhelmed at all I still have to get done before Chad gets home. I also do not think others will tell me not to worry about cleaning because they think he'll be happy no matter what. I do not know that he will most definately not really care, but that I CARE and I am the one that's ASHAMED and want our home to be relaxing when he comes home to it!

My bed is absolutely NOT covered in clothes that need to be put away. I do NOT wash clothing and then leave them in baskets for weeks and MONTHS. Nope, that is absolutely NOT ME!

I am not about to bust out of my skin knowing that Chad should be in Kuwait as I type this.

I am NOT insanely excited that before this weekend appears my husband should be in my arms! Oh who are we kidding, I'm so excited. I mean come on, it's been 8 1/2 months! Most women cry over an overnight away!

I did NOT drag a footlocker down to our storage room, and did not manage to pull a muscle or at least strain one, when I had to pick it up and put it up in our storage room. I did not almost cry because of the pain. There is not still one other footlocker just sitting out here in the dining room. Those footlockers are surely not filled with clothes Emma has outgrown and that this Momma is not ready to part with yet!! :X

I have not gotten really, really, really annoyed with some people when on facebook I did a little meme on my first born, who's JordYn and people kept writing her name with an "A" in it. I did not go back and write her name again as a response. It does not annoy me that people can not pay attention to details, especially when it comes to HER.

I will not get to have my husband home in a few days and I did NOT already write about this!

I was not excited to see the Steeler's win? I am not actually a Kansas City Chief's DIE HARD fan, but cheered for the Steeler's none the less, because 1. they're a great team and 2. they're an AFC team and well sometimes you just need to stick with your league! LOL

What did you NOT do last week???


Beth in NC said...

Hi Christy,

Since we just met, I'm uncertain what happened with your precious Jordyn. But from your last post about missing her hugs and breath on your neck, I can only imagine. I can't fathom how anyone survives the loss of a child (other than the love of God). I will definitely pray for you.

I also pray your back gets better AND FAST! No more lifting for you until your husband leaves!!!


Gillie said...

I did not give any of Griffin's clothes away until last year. Can you imagine 8 years of clothes? Yeah it was bins and bins and bags and bags and I will not admit to the number! :)