Thursday, February 26, 2009


Jackson is 5 and we do kindergarten work for him. Reading has not been coming naturally. Heck just learning his letters hasn't came easily for him. Let me share that he had NO desire to learn his letters and I refused to push it. He's a very strong willed child, and after talking to other homeschoolers felt confident that one of these days he'd catch on, the desire would take over and all would be well. He LOVES to be read to, so I have felt that his desire to read himself would take over sooner rather than later. About December it started to take over. Everything I used to teach Jacob did not work. It left him frustrated, angry, and often in tears. I often left our school time feeling frustrated and like a failure as a mother and teacher of my younger son.

Emily shared with me what she was using for her little girl so I ordered the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Well after just 2 lessons, it's already clicking. Let me tell you how awesome it is to see your child who for months has struggled finally having it click. He's so excited and just over the moon.

Today and yesterday have been possibly the two best days of homeschooling with Jackson and I look forward to tomorrow as this all clicks for him! He should be reading by the time Chad comes home and I know for Chad and Jack that's going to be an exciting moment when Chad can hear and see him reading.


Emily said...

AWESOME!!!!! :)

Linda said...

I have that book and was going to use it on Hannah (I bought it at the PX bookstore, by the way!), but she took off...I AM going to use it on Scotty. He doesn't seem to connect sounds and letters well, but he does have an interest in it, so why not jump on it, right?

a corgi said...

awesome!!! I think you are doing great with home schooling Christy; everyone learns at their own pace I think; my son didn't really grasp reading until second half of first grade (about 6.5 years old)


Gillie said...

I am so happy to hear this. I am sure you felt so frustrated and I am glad you found a tool to help that is working!