Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Garmisch and Salzburg

Hi we had a great time away in Garmisch, we went sledding and were blessed to find an AWESOME sledding hill. I am pretty sure we were the only American's there (didn't hear any other people speaking English!), we laughed a ton and just had a blast sledding down the big hill and climbing (or should I say hiking?? LOL) back up it! As you know all good sledding hills are a killer to go back up and it hurt!). Emma LOVED sledding! The boys loved it, Chad and I loved it! We also enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub at the resort and just having family time!

Salzburg is/was beautiful! I'll get all the pictures uploaded and will get them added on here eventually. We don't have too many more days left with Chad, he heads back on Monday, so we're making the most out of our time with him. Once he's gone I'll be back to writing more and actually reading blogs.

Thank you for all the well wishes, excitement for our family being reunited (even though temoporary) and prayers. We appreciate ALL of it!!!! I'm trying not to think about Monday, sometimes denial can be good! :) :)

Tomorrow we're going to go and buy me my SLR camera!!! I'm getting a Canon Rebel digital SXI 12.2 mgp. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it. I wish there was a photography class I could take here, but since there isn't I'll be heading over and reading more of MckMama's suggestions. I will need to buy a good editing program, but one thing at a time!

Oh and we bought a van. It's used, but we are saving and plan to buy a new minivan completely with cash (no payments!!) so we're saving and hopefully by the end of 2010 we'll have enough saved up for me to get my Honda Odyssey! :) For now it's just a used, but in good condition Chrysler Caravan. I'm truly thankful for it, we were so crowded in the little bmw, seriously don't be impressed...BMW's are not that special here in Germany...they're on the same level as Fords and Chevy's in the states...a good, sound car...but not special over all! :) It's still kind of fun to say we own one, although before we move to the states we'll sell's just a little beater of a car that gets from point A to point B.

I will write more later!

God Bless


He And Me + 3 said...

Sledding is fun, but climbing back up...not so much. Glad you are all having a fun time together. yea for a new/used van and getting a new camera. How fun. I love my canon. Enjoy it!

CntryMomma said...

I'm a WEE bit envious of you getting my . . . err, you're new camera! haha I'd like to take a photography class too. :o/

SO happy you guys are having a wonderful time together and NOBODY IS SICK, right?


Linda said...

I am so glad you are all having such a good time together!! My niece is home! She got back on Friday. Her husband got back on Monday. Linda

Amanda said...

Uh, hello... I've been praying...what the news?!?!!!!

Good grief.

Glad you are all having fun! Did Janis tell you Mckmama is our neighbor?? Isnt that neato?

Glad you are taking a break from blogging, but I can't wait to have you back!

God bless!

Terri said...

Can't wait to see all the pics...glad you are enjoying all the time you can with your honey!

Congrats on the new camera(i would love to have a Canon someday) and on your van!!!