Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toot Your Own Horn Jubilee

“I’ve been challenged to participate in a blog jubilee. Against my better judgment, I have been told to brag about something good, positive, uplifting, or kind that I did this past week. It’s not easy to boast about my thoughtfulness, but in return I will be allowed to build up and encourage other women! Feel free to visit Amanda at to join in the jubilee!”

Well here I am going so against the grain of everything that is natural to me! LOL

I have been able to start teaching Jackson to read (as you read in my previous entry).
I have cleaned up puke and poop at least 30 or more times in the last 2 days because Emma's got a stomach virus and she's 18 months old and when she gets sick it's all over her and all over me.

I hope you'll join in!


bp said...

Big hugs to you, Christy! You've had quite a week. I'm proud of you for your service to our country. You're doing a great job as a Mommy! Hope your weekend is blessed.

Amanda said...


First off... WOW!! You have done A LOT of cleaning lately...and I do NOT envy you that. You are such a super mom...I will say it all day long and you better just nod and smile!

You are strong and faithful and WILL overcome this attack on your precious family.

THANK YOU!!! I love loving a wonderful freind like you!

Many blessings-

Kelly Dawn said...

umm yeah....cant do puke but hats off to!!!


Katey said...

moms are the unsung heroes!! Good job being there for your babies!

Amanda Jo said...

Bless your heart! I hope the little one starts feeling well VERY soon!

What a fantastic mom you are!