Tuesday, February 03, 2009

He's almost home!!

Chad's going to be home in a few hours! I'm so excited I'm about to burst! Oh my goodness you just don't know, you just do not know! It's been 8 1/2 months people, 8 1/2 months since my husband was home! I can not wait until I see his face and feel his arms around me, I know I'll have to fight the boys and who knows maybe Emma. I will have my camera all ready to take pictures of the sweet and precious reunion you can count on that! Oh my I can not wait until I see him, safe and sound back in Germany! It's 3 AM here and I'm sooo insanely wired! So I got our room cleaned up more than it was. Trust me I still wouldn't let any of you except for Emily and Tami in my room right now, well probably B too, but well all 3 are in the US and none of them were willing to fly over and help me out. Emily acts like being pregnant is some big issue or something, plus she said all she'd do is sit on my bed. Humph what kind of help is THAT? ROFL!!
Got to love her, what else would I do with that girl?
The kitchen is clean! I swept and mopped it and removed all the recycling. I took 2 bags of recycling out and a bag of trash out at oh 1 AM! :X There are still a few more things of recycling to go out, the boys will take those out in the morning when they've gotten dressed and had breakfast, before we leave. The bathroom is spotless, you could eat off the floor in there! The dining room is clean and the living room is decent! I got my bed cleaned off and almost all of my clothes hung up. I discovered I need more hangers! I forgot that the boys inherited some of our hangers and well obviously I need to replace those since most of the clothes that were in baskets are now out! I only have a few, but also have dirty clothes that need to be washed, that will be done tomorrow...I'll be using my strong husband to carry down the hamper!! Wahoo! :) I intend to use him! LOL Get your minds out of the gutters (or not! LOL That was just for you, Emily!)
I need to run the vacuum in the morning, figured I'd be a good upstairs and downstairs neighbor and not do that tonight, although I'd prefer to have it done tonight, but not really the appropriate or neighborly thing to do at 3 am. I'm nice like that! LOL

Anyways............... :) I'm hoping I can get some sleep. At this point it'll only be about 4 hours of sleep but a little would be good. I plan to vacuum in the morning, get the kids breakfast and Jacob needs to take a shower too, have them take out the recycling and the boys have to clean up their room some more, and I'm going to straighten up Emma's, since I didn't get to it and the boys have drug out a ton of her toys and they've not done it.

Thanks for the warm thoughts and especially the prayers! The airport is only 30 minutes away, so thankfully we don't have to leave hours ahead of time. Pray for no traffic jams or back ups, please. Pray for a smooth and quick drive to the airport and back!

Oh and I think I may take a nap tomorrow! Wahoo!! LOL
God Bless


He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh...I will pray for a safe trip and reunion! Yea! How exciting for you and the kids! Yes, pictures are a must!

Leene said...

I am so excited for you guys, I was in your spot just two months ago and know how those butterflies are churning. I will keep you in my prayers and can't wait to see pictures. Enjoy your time together!!!!!

CntryMomma said...

So excited for you!!!! Hey, honey ... use him. (Was that inappropriate??) *shrug*


ReadyAim said...

OH WOW! So happy for you, Chad, and the kiddos! Give him a big hug for me and please say thanks.


Emily said...

Girl, I can hear the excitement, anxiety, panic, and utter bliss in every word! Slooooooow down and breathe. He's almost home. Almost home. Almost. HOME!!

Praise you, Lord.

LYN said...


Angie said...

My goodness, I read that in such an excited, fast-paced way that you'd think it was MY husband coming home LOL ~ I'm so happy for ALL of you ~ welcome home, Chad!

Beth in NC said...

I am SOOOO excited for you! I can NOT imagine being away from my husband like that. THANK YOU for sacrificing for our country! Seriously!!!!

I pray your back is all better!


LIZ said...

I know exactly how your feeling and Im so excited for you!!! I cant wait to see pictures!!!

Welcome Home Chad!!!!

ggal2933 said...

I'm so excited for you....I remember all those feelings. Sending you all many prayers!

EmilytheCreative said...

I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see some pictures of the great reunion!!

Bri said...

Yay for R & R! I am so excited for you guys! Enjoy the family time and be sure to put your dh to good use (take that however you'd like, lol). ;)

Linda said...

I am so excited for all of you! I can't wait to see the pics! Enjoy your time with him. Linda

Amanda said...

I've never said this before, but I DONT want to see you blogging for awhile!!!

I am SOOOO excited for you all... what a wonderful thing this is!! I will pray for easy transission and lots of fun and love!

Many blessings-

Nelishia said...

I am sooo happy for all of you. I can literally feel your excitement jumping off the pages. I know that he's home now. I'm so glad I found your link for your blog again and have it on my sidebar so that I'll never lose you all anymore. Sorry. Happy to have found you again.

I wanna keep reading and catch up.


Kelly Dawn said...

:) I am sure that you have enjoyed your time with Chad so far ;)..take a few for the team honey ... :)

keep us updated on his stepdad...