Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kate gave me this award, she actually gave it to our "deployment" blog, which I only write in when Chad's deployed, but she just found THIS blog and since this is the one I write in 99% of the time. Thank you Kate, it was so sweet of you!
The rules of the game:

1. Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.

2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic.

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won

4. State 7 things about yourself

I just recently went through the bloghop, so I discovered some truly AMAZING blogs and have been reading many amazing blogs for quite a while, so this will be hard to narrow it down to just 15! I will not follow the rules completely, because at least a couple blogs that I know I want to give this to, I've been reading for quite awhile.

The blogs I'm giviving this to are:

1. Amanda over at I Am Mommy she's one of my best blogging friends, I've been reading her for years, way back when she was on aol journals. She loves Jesus, her husband, Chad, her 3 beautiful children, and baking! She has a baking blog too that you should check out!

2. Emily over at Four Girls One GOD I fail with words to describe Emily. She's one of my 2 best girl friends in real life. To say she loves Jesus is saying that breathing is optional, it's a simple way of life for her. She adores her crazy and wonderful husband, Matt. She is an amazing mom to her 4 girls one of whom, Miller Grace is resting with Jesus and my Jordyn in heaven after 5 precious days on this earth. She also has a slight love of Beth Moore (just slight! ha!). Emily's real and honest and I love her more than words. Go visit her and you'll love her too!

3. Kelly over at Green Olives and Pickle Juice Kelly is one more of my "old" blogger friends. How I love her and one day we're going to meet and oh watch out! She's funny, real, well just cracks me up. She goes and takes blogging breaks and annoys me when she does, lol....she's a true friend and will go to the ends of the earth for her friends, including her blogging friends. She also loves Jesus, her husband, and her kids. She also loves her kids who she didn't give birth to but her bio kids bring home and who need a safe and loving home to stay at be it temporary or permanantly. (Pretty awesome if I say so myself) oh and she LOVES country music. :)

4. Rebekah over at Bekah's Butterflies: Rebekah is one of my other real life friends and another of my best friends. As long as we're both home a day doesn't go by that we're not chatting, in some form. I met Rebekah when we were all stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Va. Jordyn was going through chemo at Walter Reed and our husband's worked together. We instantly clicked and we've been friends since that day almost 11 years ago. She actually knew Jordyn, loved her, was there with us the day she died from what I remember (the day is a big blur as far as who all was there). She is about to go through a divorce and blogs about the pain of that, and her heartbreak and fears, and let me tell you I've personally never met a woman who's tried so hard to hold onto her marriage, trust GOD, and although she's saying goodbye to her marriage she still loves and holds hope. She's the mom of two great little boys, who have their own struggles and although she doesn't see herself as strong...she is. Go meet my precious friend, give her support, and pray for her. You deserve this award so much Rebekah. I love you girl.

5. Julie the Army Wife: I've been reading Julie for a short time now but totally enjoy her! She's another army wife, living in Germany (well for a short time still). She's awesome, loves her husband and kids and the Lord!

6. Anne Marie at Household 6 Diva: Another Army wife. Again another "new for me" blog, I'd read her before and somehow didn't get her blog saved. She's also here in Germany, loves Jesus, her soldier, and her kids! She recently just hosted the Winter Blog Hop where I've found tons of new blogs to read!

7. Kathryn at Singing in the Rain: Ever since she found me or I found her (not sure who found who) I've completely loved reading her! Christian, Military Wife, and soon to be 1st time Mom!

8. God, My Savior Forever: She's a former Army wife, expecting Mommy, devoted wife, and as you can see from her blog title...Christian.

9. Emily from the Lamb Family Ok so I've been reading Emily for a while! She's a mom to two, wife to one, and Daughter of our FATHER!

10. Bri and her Ramblings I love Bri. I met her where I met Emily (4 girls), on an AOL pregnancy board. She's another midwest girl, military wife, momma, and lover of Christ! Bri's fabulous, what more can I say about her, oh she has a HEART OF GOLD!

11. Mimi is funny, articulate, and an amazing photographer. She has one of the blogs that I enjoy so much. She has great nick names for her family and the love she has for them is an example of her love for GOD!

12. Linda and her MacDonald Clan I met Linda soon after I arrived here at our post in Germany. Our very first meeting (not sure if she remembers!) was dropping our kids off at childcare and walking over to the CAC (Community Activities Center) together, her sharing with me her horror story of getting their household goods, and I can remember feeling guilty that afternoon when I got the phone call that they'd be delivering ours a few days later, while Linda who'd been in country for over a month longer than I was still waiting, because they were just SITTING in Frankfurt! We then went through PEP together, which is a spouses newcomers week long class, and the rest became history...she was a fast and true friend who I've stayed in contact with and love her and miss her!

13. Lori: Oh Lori, hopefully this will get her butt to blogging more. One of my long term blogging friends originally from AOL journals. I love her, she's funny, witty, great wife, awesome mom, fabulous friend. Oh and if you're a country music fan, you've come to the right blog. She's also discovered in the last year a love for contemporary christian music!! :) The woman LOVES music and Miranda Lambert!! Lori's sassy like her Ran! :)

14. Teri is a wife and loves her puppy, loves shopping, spending time with her family, remember her precious Aunt Judy who's in Heaven, and is a big fan of a former American Idol Daughtry (HUGE FAN).

15. Kristi..I "met" Kristi through Emily. She has 2 little boys waiting for her in Heave as she raises her 2 other little boys and little baby girl. All her children are miracles and no doubt she doesn't take them for granted. She's faced every mother's nightmare, not once but twice and waited in a Faithful bit of fear and concern through her pregnancy with her baby girl Hope, who although was born with issue's concerning her skin, is doing AMAZING. Head over and meet her and the Whole Bolte Family!

Whew, that's done! It was really hard, if I didn't pick you please don't feel like I wanted to slight you, grab the Award anyways and play along!

Ok so now 7 things about me:

1. I completely gave my life over to Christ at the age of 24 years old. I'd beleived before this, but was not truly living for him. It's life changing in ways that if you do not know Christ, you just don't know what you're missing. To know you're loved inspite of your faults, but that he wants so much MORE for you!

2. I LOVE wheat fields. I'm a Kansas girl and get tremendous peace in my heart and soul when I'm walking along a dirt road along wheat fields, i especially love when the wind is just blowing ever so slightly. Seriously it's so calming.

3. I think everyone should support childhood cancer research, and not just St. Jude's (I'm not knocking them, but there's far more than just them). is one of our favorites as is St.Baldrick's ( NO parent should watch their child go through chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplants, no parent should ever be told there's nothing left to do after putting their child through that HELL. Kids do NOT deserve cancer (many adults do in a far more logically way of thinking because of their choices). I do NOT support ACS, they USE children and give less than 1% of their funding to childhood cancer research...if you are going to place a child's face on your brochures then you better be actually GIVING money to that disease. Personally find them a disgusting organization, they also have a high overhead. I'm not against people getting paid, but there needs to be limits when you're getting money for cancer research and paying those people more than you put into the research.

4. I think it's disgraceful that less than 4% of ALL AMERICAN's serve in the US Military. Seriously are you kidding me? We are a nation in war, a nation that's HATED by terrorist nations, and 4% of our nation is defending our country. It's disgusting and we should be ashamed of ourselves as a nation. I am PROUD that I'm married to 1 of those 4%, who's willing to die for our country if GOD calls him to do so (not that I want him to), but proud that he loves our country so much he's willing to defend it at ALL costs.

5. I used to play clarinet and then bass clarinet when I was in High school and was offered scholarships from varioius colleges, but was stupid and turned them down. I was actually very good, went to lots of competitions and did very well, played in special bands, etc.

6. I'm VERY opinionated on topics...especially politics. I try not to bring it here often, but seriously I have my views and if yours differ, you're wrong! ;) just kidding (a little) (See #3 about my opinions!)

7. I'm pretty well as completely opposite of who I was as a teenager and newlywed as could be. I used to be very liberal in my thinking, views, morals (or should say LACK of morals) as could be. I'm now very conservative in my morals, values, thinking, and views.

Ok that was even harder than coming up with the blogs!


Kathryn said...

"Great post. We have taught our kids (well should say it's a process) that they save some, give 10%, and have some for spending, that includes with birthday money, Christmas money, and although we call it allowance, it's EARNED not just given."

Great ideas! Sounds like your kids will know a lot about money! :)

Thanks for the award by the way!! :)

Missie said...

Congrats on the award! Have a good Wednesday!

He & Me + 3 said...


Thank you so much for the award and the sweet words. I loved reading this post. It is nice to hear other bloggers recommend blogs and for what reasons. Very cool.
I support St. Judes. I had no idea about the others. Thank you so much for pointing that out. I will for sure check St. Baldrick's out.
Wow I can't believe that only 4% of our nation serve in the US military.
Thanks for sharing so much.
Congrats on your award!
read your post below. I hope that everyone else stays healthy and that Jacob gets well quick. Praying now!

Amanda said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I just love you and love your honesty and opinion... it doesnt hurt that most of the time I agree with you too! :)

You have featured some really great blogs!! I will have fun checking out the ones I dont recognize!


Terri said...

Thank you so very much for my award, I don't feel very deserving of it because lately i've been such a terrible blogger friend and not writing and reading as often as I should...I am slowly but surely trying to change that. I give too much time to facebook..LOL I LOVE how you described me...hehe big fan, HUGE fan of Daughtry...LOL and how you added my Aunt Judy as well... on March 3rd it will be 4 years since she went to be with God above and it's still hard even now, you described me to a T. Thanks again!

I am going to sit down this weekend and think long and hard about this award and will do my entry for it.

I had no idea only 4% served in the Military, wow that is sad! I would like to say a huge Thank You to Chad once again for serving and also to you Christy for all of the sacrifices you both make on our behalf.

Love & Hugs

CntryMomma said...

Thanks, friend! I probably will not pass it on ... 15 new blogs, seriously?! I can't even keep up with the one's I do like!

And I learned something new about you. ;o) (#5)