Friday, April 10, 2009

David Garibaldi Portrait of Christ

A friend of mine shared this and wow. So often people focus on what's truly not important about Easter (I can be quite guilty of this myself). Easter bunny, egg hunts, pictures, Easter outfits, etc. But as we mark the day our Lord died and the day he rose again, let us keep our eyes and our hearts truly focused on him! Tell your children what Ressurection Sunday (aka Easter) is all about. Share our Savior with them and those who do not know our Lord. Let us remember the Lord's promise to us, that the only way...did you read that? The ONLY WAY into Heaven is through THE SON. The only way. No amount of good works, no amount of being a good person, loving, being a servant, no amount of GOODNESS will allow us to enter Heaven. The ONLY WAY, the one and ONLY WAY is through Jesus Christ. If we do not accept him as our Risen Lord and Savior we will NOT enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. There's no second chances. You get one life and one chance and tomorrow is not promised, so stop waiting. Stop " getting your life in order" your life will never be in good enough order and the only way to get there is through Christ. Stop making excuses on why you don't attend church and hear the Lords word and be accountable.
Let us remember this one thing this weekend: It's All About Jesus


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Christy, that was amazing! There's just such passion at the way he paints!

I also enjoyed your journal post. It will sow many seeds for all those who read your journal post.

From our home to yours we wish you a happy Easter.