Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a really nice Easter. The day before was the post Easter Egg Hunt and pictures with the Easter Bunny and cookie decorating. That evening we dyed eggs.
Easter morning the kids enjoyed their baskets, then I went and hid the eggs in the back yard and the kids came down and did their hunt before church. After church we went to the Hospitality House, had dinner, the kids were read from a children's book on the REAL Easter story, and had an egg hunt. We came home and had a relaxing night.

We had a great sermon and ultimately it summed it up that we don't have your truth and my truth...there IS an absolute truth. You either believe that Christ is our Lord or you don't. There is only one way to Heaven, and that's by accepting Christ as your Savior and if you don't, then you will NOT go to Heaven. No amount of good works, being good, etc is going to get you or any of us to Heaven. There is only way one and if you don't accept it, that is your choice, but be prepared to accept the dire conscequences.

I liked the sermon, I don't like fluff, I don't need to be made to "Feel good" in church. We need the truth, nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes the truth hurts and unfortunately we all who proclaim that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and deemed closed minded, crazy, "mean", the list goes on. No one likes the idea that someone we know and/or care about is going to Hell, but there will be a great many who will and have this fate.

I want to urge you, if you ARE a Christian. If you accept Jesus as our Savior, you have a DUTY to share him with others. We are here to evangelize and share the word, share our Lord's truth. It's not always pretty, and we know that life does not get easier when we accept him into our life, but we have the assurance of Heaven. Here's another fact for you, if you do not share Jesus with those who know, who do not know him, they may NEVER know him and will spend an eternity without him. He died for all of us, not just you, not just me. Jesus died and rose again for all of us. Share him, step outside of your box and share the Lord with those who do not know him, have turned their back on him, or are not sure. Tomorrow is NOT promised.

Jacob during our home egg hunt

Jackson finding an egg

All 3 kids dying eggs

Emma, Me, Jack, and Jacob after church on Easter

Emma and Jack finding eggs

Emma finding an egg at our home egg hunt
Easter morning


Emma Easter morning

Emma at the post Easter Egg Hunt


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love your message of course Christy..and I thank for you the reminder!! You are absolutely right!

God bless-

a corgi said...

such cute pictures!!! they are growing so much!! looks like they all had a great day!

I totally agree with you about sharing the gospel with others, Christy, and we also need to live out our lives as Jesus would, serving others. I got reminded of this yesterday with a friend of my son's who is homeless and doesn't get a lot of good consistent meals. The Lord was tugging at my heart "invite him for dinner" and I was on the verge of doing so when my son asked if he could stay. I said "yes" and I was reminded of that scripture (very loose paraphase here) where you wish someone a good day but they don't have a cloak and you don't give them one of yours. How could I say to this friend "Jesus loves you" and then not share a meal with him when I have so much?

So I agree, we need to share the message of Jesus and also do what Jesus would do, reach out for the lost, the last, the least.


Amanda Jo said...

#1: Those are some precious kiddos!

#2: I am so with you on that sermon! My pastor preached a sermon very similar to the one you heard. It was very convicting yet it encouraged each of us to really examine our relationship with the One True God.

Great post!