Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Baseball

Last night Jacob had his first baseball game of the season. He's in coach pitch this year (where the coach pitches to the kids). He did really well. He's truly honing his skill in this game. It's amazing to watch how he's improved over the years. This is his 4th year of playing. I wish Chad were home to be coaching him again, but most of all to see him once again this year to see how he's improving. Jackson is playing as well, but he's in instructional (again, for the last time!). That little guy can really throw! I played catch with him and 9 out of 10 times he threw that ball directly to me! He also did well hitting. I don't have pictures of Jackson yet, I'll hopefully get some this Tuesday at his practice. Not sure when the first game will actually be for him, probably in a couple of weeks. He should only be going for 6 weeks and this coming week will be his 3rd week. Oh and yesterday our little girl turned 20 months old!

Here's a couple pictures from last nights game.


Jacob running from 2nd to 3rd base

Jacob passing 3rd (forgetting to head home...he did eventually!! LOL)

Emma Grace who turned 20 months old last night, watching her Jacob play baseball! :)

Jackson playing with his friend "T"


Creativecolors19 said...

Baseball season is such a fun time of year. It is crazzzy around here.
I noticed yall had on short sleeves, is it warm there now?
I wish it would warm up here already.

LIZ said...

Cute pictures!! You little girl is sooooo cute!!! My 5 year old is playing T-ball this year they just started practice last week. I cant wait until their first game!!!

EmilytheCreative said...

Great pictures!! He looks like he was doing well!

Bri said...

You really got some great action shots of Jacob.

I loved Jackson expression. It was like he was thinking "Man get up, you got sand in your pants and your mom's coming!"

That picture of Emma was too funny. What a silly girl. :) It's hard to believe she'll be 2 this summer.