Sunday, April 05, 2009

Meeting of Bloggers!

Today I met a fellow blogger. She's the first blogger I've met (I have met Emily, but I knew her before she ever started blogging!). So anyways, today I met Laura, she's a fellow Army wife and they're stationed in Germany as well, a little over an hour from me. Unfortunately they're leaving in a couple weeks and moving back to the states. Laura, her husband, and daughter came here and it was wonderful. She's just as sweet as she is on her blog and emails and her husband is funny and enjoyed filling Emma up with cake and tried to give the boys ice cream after they'd just had a huge piece of cake and hot chocolate! Emma loved him! LOL Her daughter is the same age as Jacob and she's just as sweet as could be and just a beautiful little girl! Oh and I can not forget Spike, their oh so cute 6 month old Yorkie! We had lunch then we went down town and I showed them our beautiful city and all the major landmarks, except for the castles because it started pouring on us!

So here's a picture of Laura and I. We were up at St. Michael's Monestary with the city behind us!

I think you can click on the picture and if you look, Emma has another bump her her forehead. She fell up there at St. Michaels, on the cobblestone. There's a small bump and it got a little skinned up, but she's doing ok. It's hard for a girl to walk in cute little dress shoes on rought cobblestone.
Laura, we loved meeting you! Thank you for coming up and for letting the kids and I show your family our city!


Beth in NC said...

I'm glad you met a blogging friend. Too bad you two didn't meet earlier.

Great picture!

Cassey said...

awww...poor Emma! But she is learning early! Cute shoes are SOO important! LOL!

Army Mom said...

It is indeed a Blessing your hubby is coming home early from his deployment!..Love Your Blog
Army Mom 101

Army Mom said...

It is indeed a Blessing your hubby is coming home early from his deployment!..Love Your Blog
Army Mom 101

a corgi said...

that is so neat!!! I've got to meet 2 blogging buddies so far and it is such a neat experience!!


Amanda said...

Thats so neat!! The first person I ever met blogging was Janis, and she is just as sweet as can be... so she set the bar pretty high!! But then Janis went and met Mckmama. Janis is like, famous now. :)

Look at Emmas long legs!! Shes gonna be tall and beautiful and have daddys eyes huh? Lucky girl!

God bless-

Chrissie said...

That's awesome that you got to meet someone.
I have a great time with my blog friend. We live about 30 mins apart and its great. I talked to her about 3yrs online before we met face to face.
Take care, Chrissie

Missie said...

I think it's so cool you got to meet a fellow blogger!

LawRuh said...

We had SO MUCH FUN!! You guys are fun to hang around with. Yes, if only we had MORE time and met sooner. ;)