Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The drilling is driving me CRAZY

We live in what's called a stairwell. It's a huge apartment building with two different stairwells. We have 2 apartments per floor, one apartment being a 3 bedroom, the other being a 2 bedroom. The 4th floor both apartments are 2 bedrooms, slanted ceilings, their OWN washer and dryer (grr lol), and a small balcony. Well right now they're redoing the balcony's. To redo them, means they have to remove all the old stuff. Oh my goodness, I'm losing my mind! The drilling is so insanely loud. Oh we're on the 3rd floor, so it's just permeating through the walls and of course it's right here in my living room. We can't think, none of us. Jack went to his room to finish his school work, because the poor kid can't think.

I'm praying they are almost done, I can't imagine how much more they have to do.

On other fronts, we're at almost 11 months in this deployment. Since our unit is coming home early, that means just 2 months to go!!!! Almost done! No exact date and we will not have one until maybe the day before they come home, but nothing will be 100% until they actually land in Ramstein and get on those buses, to bring them home. I have my banner ordered, and then the kids and I will make a banner too. I need to go buy a shower curtain now so that when we're at that day, I'm not stuck with some crazy color! I wish I could tell you how READY I am for him to get home. I'm seriously just tired. I'm also tired of doing all of this alone. But I can and will make it. I've truly been dreadful this deployment. I've complained all my way through it, and I'm ashamed of myself, honestly.

So for the next two months, my attitude is going to get better. I will focus on the blessings God's given me. I'm going to be an example of Christ to my children. I'm going to be the wife Chad deserves and should have. I'm going to have people in my life who will keep me accountable. I will have a couple of friends IRL who will keep me accountable and I have a couple friends who I know irl, but live in the states that I talk to often who I'm going to ask to also keep me accountable. We need that accountability is so many aspects of our life. As Christians we need fellow Christians to keep us accountable, when we are visably sinning and not so visably. That's why imo it's so important to go to church and have friends who are Christians to help you and hopefully you are there walking with other Christians gently keeping them accountable. As mother's we often need to be held accountable for how we react to our children (good and negatively), how we respond to our children, how we discipline, etc. Now I do think there's a limit there though, because I do NOT believe it takes a village to raise children. I have seen the village and they can stay AWAY from my kids, thank you very much! (Seriously). But I do think that when have are blessed to have friends who are not afraid to speak up to you and who you trust to watch over your children, that they can be free to say something to your child(ren) if they see them doing something wrong or praise them.

Any ways, the drilling has started up again and I'm struggling to complete a full sentence in thought, much less typing it. Oh pray it stops SOON!


LIZ said...

I hope you get some peace and quiet soon...and hoping the next couple of months go by fast so you can be reunited with your husband!!

Take care, Liz

Tonya said...

I'm with you, Christy, I don't want a village to help raise my children. We are fortunate to have godly friends that have raised their children biblically and you can SEE the FRUITS in their children. (SO WELL behaved, no rolling of the eyes when asked to do something, no sighs of disgust, just HAPPY OBEDIENT children) I've learned a LOT from this family - still have a WAYS to go, but thankful to have met them. I read a book a long time ago called, "To Train Up A Child," by Michael & Debi Pearl. I LOVE it! He may seem a little extreme in places, but I've NEVER read anything that they say that's not biblical. (I don't know if you're a reader, but I have a few copies of it.. if you're interested) I'll take any godly advice one can give me. I SO WANT our boys to walk daily with the LORD. ☺

On another note.. I hope the drilling stops soon. Maybe if you DO want the book I can send a few packs of ear plugs??? (Joking, but serious too) ☺

He And Me + 3 said...

That drilling sounds so annoying. I would buy everyone some ear plugs.
HOpe it stops soon.
That is awesome too that you are so close to being done with this deployment. Bet you can't wait.

Amy said...

2 months!!! Yipee! We have have about 3 until R&R. I can't wait.