Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet Trystan

I want to ask you to please go and visit and pray for my friends baby boy. Trystan was born with the same disease that has killed his 2 older brothers and that his sister was able to beat. They all had bone marrow transplants and Trystan at less than 2 months old is waiting for his own bone marrow transplant (BMT), which he'll have in 3 weeks. They're already transferred to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, from their home/duty station in San Deigo.

I personally know Sonia and Gary and big sister Kharisma. We met Sonia and Gary when their oldest son, Christopher, was going through treatment at Walter Reed (with Jordyn) and Children's National for his BMT (again with Jordyn). I was honored to be called to be with them as Christopher left Sonia's arms for Jesus' and they were one of the first we call when Jordyn relapsed and again when she left my arms for Jesus'.

There are so many prayer warriors out there, please pray for him as well as other sick children. Pray for Sonia and Gary, they know the actual REALITIES of the "worst thing that can happen", they've done it TWICE. They've not imagined it, not had nightmares, they live it day in and day out. They have two precious urns of their little boys in their home. They had to comfort their daughter as her little brother never came home from the hospital, and now as they try to explain why her new little brother is also sick. That's a lot ot grasp for a little 6 yr old.

Here's his website:

Please share and ask all you know to be praying for this little baby and his family.


SB said...

of course I will pray for them....

Traci said...

I'll be praying! You gotta change the color of the font. I had to read it before your background loaded!

Sonya said...

Oh no...saying a prayer now for this family.

Missie said...

Poor little thing.....he's in my prayers.