Saturday, October 09, 2010

Day 6 {Your Day}

You'll understand the pictures once you've read the entry!

Well I got to sleep in this morning with Noah which was great. I got up at 10 AM *(see told you I slept in!!). Got up, checked email and facebook, nursed Noah, talked with the other kids, got Emma dressed. Did a couple other things (that I can't remember!) then decided that as much as I didn't want to had to figure out a costume to wear to the babyshower I was going to that said to dress up in a halloween costume! All of us attending are Christians, so no worries of being in something scary or anything. I wanted something fun and that I had around the house. I looked online and nothing and then I went to my closet and saw Great Grandma's dress that she gave me. It was a classic grandma dress! So...I doned my grandma dress, put on some lovely blue eye shadow, and then I put baby powder in my hair! LOL The baby shower ended up being a blast and it was so fun to see everyone coming in all dressed up. We had a rocker, a girl from the 80's, the Virgin Mary (who's name is actually Mary and is actually pregnant, but with baby #3 lol), a house keeper, an authentic German in a dreidle, a fun (almost clown) lady, a rose bush and her dog was a bumble bee (rofl), a high schooler, and the momma to be was a pirate wench. We made bibs for the baby to be (which we don't know if it's a girl or a boy), bottle filled with m&m's that we had to guess how many, and then it was present time. Afterwards I came home and Chad was sorting through the stuff we have in our garage and he'd made great progress! Before we couldn't get into the garage without stretching over things into a small, narrow walkway, now there's a nice wide opening and a nice large walk way! (We're going back out tomorrow to work some more!) Emma got to go with one of Chad's soldiers downtown, she took her shopping and was going to get her nails done, but they ran out of time (so they're going on Monday lol). Jack was asked to spend the night at our neighbors and Emma was as well, so once she got home she ate and then went to the neighbors to spend the night. Jacob's having a friend spend the night here. Noah's passed out on Chad as I type this! It was a good day! :)


That corgi :) said...

what a cute idea for a baby shower!! I love the idea of getting dressed up and I love your creativity. For a moment I was thinking "wow Christy has a lot of gray hair". Sounds like a perfect day indeed!


Mary R. said...

Hello, my husband is retired military, and we were once stationed in Germany.

Mary R. said...

Thanks for following my site. We were in Germany way back in the early 70's, when it was West Germany.