Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I came across this over at Bridget's. People please take this seriously, we are living in a time where children are seen as a burden vs the blessing that our Lord (yes people it is IN the BIBLE!) tells us they are. When we make EXCUSES on why we can't obey the Lord and let him have control over this in our life, we're taking away our future and most of all our children's future, literally.

This is one of the most powerful video's I've seen. If it moves you, motivates you, etc embed it in your blog, share it in emails, etc.


Amanda said...

I watched it Christy and it gave me chills.

Thanks for sharing!

God bless-

Tim said...

Wow that is amazing. I had no idea of those numbers. Makes me want to have some more kids.

Make sure you join us this Thursday for Vlogemotions! It wont be the same without you.

Love and Prayers,


a corgi said...

wow! but it doesn't surprise me. Here's what we have to remember, this is not catching the Lord by surprise and we have to trust in Him that He knows best. I was just reading in Luke today that Jesus said we will be turned over to all nations for persecution; that includes America. It is coming......don't know when.....but it is coming.....sooner and sooner. We just need to make sure our kids know the Truth and that we teach the world about Jesus and know and remember this world is not all there is.

thanks for sharing this Christy