Saturday, May 23, 2009

Email to Blog

Yesterday my friend Amanda shared a website and asked my opinion on it, to see if I felt the same way, etc. She'd left a comment and oh the ugliness that came afterwards was so disheartening. The women attacked her. They accused her of the things they were doing to her, being judgemental, harsh, mean, etc. She stated her opinion, but as I read their replies to her what I found was that they were so offended because they felt guilty for their own choices. I think often of my own defensiveness, it's because I know I've done something that's wrong for me and/or my children and when someone shows me that, it hurts and you want to defend yourself. Here's what I wrote last night to Amanda and she encouraged me to share it. IF you feel offended by this, I ask that you do two things...
1. Remember this is my blog and my opinion and feelings and that I have every right to express this.
2. Maybe the reason you feel offended is because GOD is tell you YOU something.

Here is what I wrote in an email last night to Amanda:

Tonight at bible study we read and studied on Roman's 14. Goodness, Amanda, I kept thinking of that blog and how you're most likely dealing with women who are either not Christians or are not in the same place in their walk as you are. I'd encourage you to read Roman's 14. When I go there and reply, I'm going to pray first, to make sure I can be edifying and not flame the fires. It makes me so sad that they are all blinded by the lies that Satan is feeding them and I DO believe he is. He's fed our whole society on lies.
The lie that both parents must work and that it's a "luxury" for mom to stay home and raise their children. Lies that we just can't live without 2 cars, that brand new house, the newest this or that (or even a used version of it), that we must have cable and 500 channels, that we must update this or that, we must be in style and so must our children. That if our cell phones don't have this or that, then it's just not good enough, that we must, we must, we must. When the truth is, we don't. Yet our society has fallen into Satan's lies, including the fact that both parents must work. That it's ok and justifiable because well "Grandma's" watching the kids or "Aunt so and so is" or for Christians "They go to a Christian....daycare, preschool, private school", yes those can be wonderful gifts...but are they taking away the GOD given GIFT of being a parent and doing these things ourselves? I don't believe home schooling is for everyone, but I do believe that if GOD calls us to do it, we ARE to obey him. That if we're not called, we're to encourage our brothers and sisters who are and not say "oh I could never do that, I don't have the patience." Many women have imo fallen into the trap that Feminism has given us all this "power" when all it has done is destroy families, destroy women by who GOD made us to be, and hurt children. Our society is NOT better off because Mommy is a high powered lawyer and little Debbie is being raised by a Nanny or daycare center for 12-14 hours a day, and Mommy has 10 minutes of downtime to tuck her in, sometimes. Our marriages are definitely not better off because husband and wife are barely seeing each other and when they do, they're both so exhausted they can't encourage and pamper the other one. Often roles are being reversed and the men's role in his family are being down graded as Head of the House to "just another body" in the house. It's sad and so many have fallen for this lie.

Any ways my point is I'm praying and praying for you. I wanted to share this song with you too. I found it from another blog and ended up doing a search and buying the sheet music on it so that I can sing it at church hopefully in a couple of months! I just think it's so beautiful. A few weeks ago I sang "Does Anybody Hear Her" by Casting Crowns. This is imo just as powerful, but in another way. It's Addison Road's, What Do I Know Of Holy. I found this from Kelly at Kelly's Korner


Creativecolors19 said...

I agree with what you said. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and not have them away from me for hours. Nathan's car has been in the shop for over a month and you know what, we have actually gotten by just fine suprisingly. God certainly has a place for wives and mothers and I believe its in the home.

Tonya said...


I couldn't agree with you more. The Bible tells us VERY CLEARLY that THE WOMAN is to be BUSY at home.. that we were created to be our husband's HELPER.. The devil has fed us lie after lie and for a large part of women in our society have fallen HARD for these lies. If we're hearing ANYTHING from a preacher, teacher, or friend that contradicts what the BIBLE says.. well, it's WRONG. It's that simple.

I'm proud of you for taking a stand and for encouraging your friend this way. I emailed a video not too long ago about Biblical Womanhood.. this preacher is BOLD! He tells it like the Bible teaches it.. it may be a hard word, but it's TRUTH. If you'd like to pass this along to your friend you can find the video on YouTube...

The video is in 8 short segments.. I'd advise that everyone listens to ALL 8 PARTS as not to miss a blessing.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, Sweet Friend!

Leene said...

I am with you 100%. Its sad to know there are people who think material items are more important then family. A fancy cell phone, high priced TV, new car and designer clothes are all great but NOT at the expense of your time with your children, spouse and family. My husband and I do not have the cell etc. instead we have a solid marriage, we know what's going on in our childrens lives - we know their friends, we help with homework, get them off the bus and are active with their lives. I am thankful to my husband and am blessed that we share the same values and outlook on life. Leene

Amy said...

People can be so stinkin mean. I just don't get it.

Amanda said...

Well said CHristy!! Great job honoring the rold God has laid out for us...even when we don't always want to follow through.

You are so brave and strong!


God bless-

Traci said...

I do feel like people have judged me for not going out and getting a job while my husband has been unemployed. I'm sure that I could have done that. But at what emotional price for my kids? I value them way too much.
There are minutes out of days that I feel sorry for myself for not being able to run out and purchase whatever it is that strikes my fancy at the time. But the thought passes and I get over it. Good post!

amanda said...

just checking out YOUR blog!! :0) i love the note you wrote to amanda. something my husband's aunt told me when i was debating staying home was this:: we can't afford to stay home, no one can. we make it work.

that's the motto i live by. making what god has given us work. we don't have cable and my kids are just fine! in fact it's more fun for them to go to grandma's house then and watch dora there!! :0) i love your honesty and boldness. keep on keeping on!!

Janis said...

Beautifully Said! It is amazing what we can do "without" and not even miss it!!!

Thanks for being honest and encouraging.


Amanda said...

Hey Christy-quick question, what is the name of that blog that you nominated for the Awesome Blog awards that is the home schooling mom who is just goregous???

Sorry I'm so vague. lol

God bless-