Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not have a child work on ONE subject of school work today, and after 5 hours finally finish. No that would never happen here, my children get their school work done in a very timely manner.

Said child above, did not keep having to "pee" every 5 minutes (literally) and I did not finally forbid him bathroom privileges until he was done and surely that child did NOT have an "accident" in his pants and I did not make him clean it up, but make him finish his school work before he could shower. I am surely NOT THAT MEAN (or gross).

I am NOT glad that Sunday is over this week, just because it was my busiest/craziest day.

I did not totally have a great time shopping in Czech, buying fabulous knock off purses with my friend Heather.

I absolutely do not LOVE haggling at the "Asian Dragon Market" either. I also not proud of Heather for learning the art of haggling and become great at it!

I did NOT enjoy that time in Czech childfree. :X Ok you know what I did, I loved it, it was the highlight of my week without a doubt! (I rarely get childfree moments when Chad's gone, give me a break if you are thinking of knocking me).

I am NOT sick and tired of the liberal media putting a spin, feeling they have the right to change others words, decisions, etc.

I am definitely not ready for my husband to come home.

I can not, not believe that on Thursday it'll mark 12 months since Chad deployed.

I do not need to get to sleep, since it's 2 AM and I have a board meeting for PWOC at 9 AM.

Come join in, and tell us what you've not done!


Kim said...

I am glad that you had some childfree time! and that you enjoyed yourself.
My six year old has to go pee every 5 minutes during homework and 1 page can take up to 2 hours.
Makes me crazy!

Janis said...

Maybe I don't want to homeschool! lol :) J/K The challenges are so small compared to the benefits and the safety of my children's hearts, minds and lives! :)

God Bless

Hope you get some sleep tonight!


Amanda said...

For some reason I feel like my comment didn't go through... if not... glad you ahd a good week and have a better one THIS week!

God bless-

upsykqvl-This was my Word Verification. How annoying is that???

Sonya said...

Hope you have a good Tuesday.