Monday, January 25, 2010

Changes and Decisions

Chad came home today and said that in a couple of weeks he'll be moving to a new company, we knew this was coming and it's a GREAT move for him. Right now he's in HHC (Headquarters company) and although over the last few years he's not enjoyed his job(s), but the last few months as he's been in this particular job, he's loved it. He's loved the challenge and he really likes and respects the Master Sgt. that's over him. It's been so great to have him come home, often worn out, but happy. Here in a couple of weeks our Battalion will be raising (creating) a new company. Right now there are 4, count them 4 soldiers that will be in the company, Chad being one of them. Three of them (which includes Chad) will be Platoon Sgts and the
other is the XO (please don't ask me to explain this anymore than I am, Chad's in bed or else I'd have him break it all down to layman terms), but the XO is a Leuitenent and for at least a
short time he'll be the highest in ranking. There are brand new soldiers who will be comin g to
start to fill up the new company, but it's going to be at least a bit of time before they'll be here. Chad will have a lot of work ahead of him, but it'll be great for him and his career.

I'm also in prayer right now over a big decision in ministry. I am in prayer that GOD is leading is leading this decision. If this decision is made for me to proceed it'll be all GOD, because honestly I feel ill equiped and overwhelmed, and honestly so humbled I can barely lift my head up.
I'm always in awe of where GOD leads us, what he calls us to do and am reminded that he calls the ill equipped to do big things, so we will lean on him vs ourselves. If you would pray for me to be still and listen and hear the Lord on all things in my life, and especially this one. A decision will have to be made soon, and I know what ever it is that GOD is leading me to, I'll know it's by his lead only.

Through his Grace


Missie said...

Congrats! Have a good week!

Bri said...

Wow big changes for Chad at work and big decisions for you to make. I'll be praying for you both.

Julie the Army Wife said...

Sounds like some great changes going on for you guys. Prayers to you...

Kathryn said...

"I've only been to the Atlanta Airport, but have an aunt, uncle, and cousins who live in Georgia and many friends who are there. I love the South, although I'd miss the snow something awful in the winters.
I've heard great reviews about the Aquirum in Atlanta!
I have 5 friends who live close to Savannah (they're Army and stationed there) they all love it!"

haha yeah I don't really miss the snow! I am from New Hampshire and had plenty of it the first 18 years of my life!! :) I have never been to the Aquarium either, but I have also heard good things about it!

Mrs. Chief said...

I have friends that are on thier way to Germany...I may link her to your blog if that's ok. Don't know when the move will take place, but they are somewhere in Ital and just got clearence (they have a sick daughter) that it was a GO!