Monday, January 18, 2010

Seeing God's Blessings

I follow probably too many blogs, but one I've truly been reminded of how faithful GOD is to us is through the Stasel's! This family was blessed with iextuplets. Sadly they had to say goodbye to four of their miracles, but yet they rejoice that their precious babies are with Jesus. They were born extremely early and ranged in weight from 13 some oz to 1 lb some oz. Their little girls are doing so well, both are now over the weight of 8 lbs! The best news though is that Haley is coming home!! Right now the projected date is Wednesday. Little Rachel is still facing surgery but the prayer is she'll be home soon as well. If you've not been blessed to meet this precious family I encourage you to head over there now:

Everyday I am constantly shown GOD's mercy, love, and faithfulness to his own. He did not promise us that we would not have heartache, that our lifes would not be full of trials, that our days would be smooth and easy and gentle. We're actually told our life will be full of these as his followers while we're on this earth. But we have the promise of Heaven! The Stansel's are only one example of GOD's faithfullness. They struggled to bring a baby into this word, and when GOD allowed they were able to bring 6 babies into this world, he called 4 of them home, but he's allowed 2 of them to remain here and continue to grow more and more, and gain healthy day by day.

Let us rejoice in our King. Let us see that through these challenges, the struggles, and the heartache....that GOD allows all of these to bring us closer to HIM! One day we will live in His glory, in His perfection, and until that day we must continue to strive to be like him. We may fail somedays big time, but we confess those failures and sins, and keep going and praising the Lord.

In His Grace and Mercy


Scott B said...

She works at my hospital. I see her often. I asked her recently how she was doing and she said okay. She takes it one day at a time.

Pray for her though. Pray that God speaks to her heart and reveals Himself to her.


He & Me + 3 said...

What a blessing that the girls are doing so well...I will say a prayer that they both will be home soon.