Sunday, January 17, 2010


I fell on Friday after slipping on ice, after dropping the boys off at our homeschool PE. I fell on my backside thankfully, but hit my back and shoulders pretty hard as well. My first thought was the baby and I just needed to get home and lay down to see what would happen. I wans't having ANY bleeding or cramping so the heating pad came out and I waited for Chad to get home. The baby moved a little so I waited and relaxed. About 3 hours after I fell I started having extremely mild cramping. I decided to take a shower and see how the warm water made me feel and if the cramping was still there I'd have Chad take me to the Klinikum (German hospital). Thankfully while in the shower all cramping ended and I laid back down until we left for the Hospitality House and other than my backside being very sore....all is well. Saturday the baby was VERY active! Emma got to feel the baby kick and roll! She was thrilled and had to tell everyone!!!

I'm thankfully feeling better and was reminded that this baby is indeed not mine, but is GOD's and although I'm as careful as I can be, things can still happen that I can not always control, but GOD has control. He knew I was going to fall and knew the baby would be ok and I'm SO very thankful for that. I do not take any of this pregnancy or my living children for granted. I'm so very thankful them. I'm humbled honestly. Humbled that GOD has blessed me with mothering Jordyn for the precious 2 years, 1 month, and 8 days of her life. Humbled that he's then allowed Chad and I to create and raise Jacob, Jackson, Emma, and are in the process of bringing into this world this new precious miracle growing inside of me. GOD has plans for each of us and although often we don't understand those plans, they're for HIS Glory and how thankful I am, to be part of those plans and these miracles.


Emily said...

I'm thankful for you and each one of your five beautiful babies, too. :)

Sonya said...

Oh so glad you are ok and baby ok. I know that was scary. Take care!
Have a good week.

Janis said...

Praise God all is okay! Are we not so blessed with what God has given us???

Thanks for reminder to be thankful EVERY day!

LYN said...


Terri said...

So glad you and the precious baby are okay...I know that had to be scary!