Friday, March 05, 2010

Cry Out To Jesus

Tonight at the Hospitality House we were discussing Revelations 2 and 3. I have wanted for a long time to have a study on Revelations and although I'm not sure if we'll be going any farther, I do hope so. One part of the study really got me to thinking about the US and ultimately the world and the economy and how this is all part of GOD's plan, yet how so many don't see that he's blessing us in ways we can't understand or grasp until we read his word.

Our nation has been blessed over and over and over pretty well since it's existance came to be as the USA. I think because of all those blessings we've become rather spoiled and blinded. We're one of the richest people on earth. Most have at least one vehicle and so many have 2. Most have computers and internet, food in the kitchen, lights in their home, heat and air to keep us comfortable (or at least fans), we have a HOME be it a house, condo, apartment, or mobile home. We have so many comforts that a great majority of the world does not. Through all these blessings many are facing what they see as hardships. Many are not understanding why this is happening to them as individuals and/or as a nation. Now I want to say right here and right now, I could be VERY wrong on this...but here's my thoughts. GOD is trying to get our ATTENTION. That he's allowing this to happen for a purpose and that purpose is HIS GLORY. He wants us to come to us. I think so many American Christians have become Lukewarm...the LORD HATES that. He'd prefer us to be hot or even cold over lukewarm. We are to seek him and praise him in all things. How many praise him when things are good? Now how many praise him when things are tough, hard, or out and out bad? I struggle with that too, but it's still something I need to do and try to do. He wants us to come to him and ask him for MERCY. For his kindness, his love, his forgiveness. Why are we so stubborn? So selfish? So unwilling to allow GOD to work in our lives in ALL ways and all things? Why can't we see what GOD wants the most for us? He WANTS to give us mercy, to forgive us, to just love us. He wants to carry us during our storms and let his glory SHINE as those clouds start to part. He is the one after all that parts those clouds. Nothing we do will EVER be good. We can do all the goodworks in the world, but unless we're doing them for Christ, they're fruitless/pointless.

My heart is just screaming (at myself first off) for each of you to seek him, turn to him, beg him for the mercy you don't (I DON'T!!) deserve. When we say "why me" or "why so and so" well....why not me/why not so and so. We deserve nothing good, except that Christ died for us so we could have his Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love. I'm dropping to my knee's and begging for mercy and forgiveness tonight. I pray you'll join me in asking for mercy and forgiveness.


Sonya said...

I keep thinking about all these back to back earthquakes. It's every few weeks now. Not every couple to five years. End times.