Monday, March 08, 2010

It's going by

I had to go to our health clinic today to get the drs stamp on some paperwork and discovered that our clinic now stays open during lunch (not sure how long they have been doing this, but it was a nice new discovering). While waiting on my paperwork I decided to see if they could squeeze me in this week for an apt since I've once again lost my voice and this has been going on for 2 months now. Thankfully I got an apt for Wednesday afternoon with the dr I really like, who listens to you, and actually talks back and shares what she thinks, what her treatment is, etc and more than that as she's putting things into the computer she will sit there and tell you what she's typing. I'm very, very thankful I get to see her and hopefully I'll get an actual answer vs what I got with the last dr..."drink hot tea with lemon and honey, don't talk, don't sing, and rest as much as possible" sounds great, but it's not been very realistic. I've been drinking the tea, trying to rest, and trying to rest my voice as much as possible....but just when I think I'm about to go normal with my voice...BAM I lose it. I was actually feeling so good on Sunday I was singing a little, not all the songs, just a few lines here and there and there it went...gone. I looked at Chad and said "I'm losing my voice again". I do have a little bit of pain, but it's also very cold here (our high was 27 and we have a fair amount of snow on the ground!!) so I think the cold has more to do with the soreness than the loss of voice).

On other fronts ;) I was looking at pictures on my facebook tonight of the kids, and looking at Emma and how fast she's grown and amazing how her face slimmed down from that baby fat to slimness of the beginning of toddlerhood in just 1 month. I think she's the most beautiful girl ever, with the most stunning eyes ever to exist. She just has grown so quickly. You can have full blown little conversations with her. To look at both boys in those pictures, they've grown so much in the last 2 years as well. Time is going by so quickly. Oh so quickly. Tomorrow my goal is to just enjoy my kids. We're going to have a fun day, no structured school work...arts and crafts, sitting and talking, just enjoying them, loving them, and reminding them and myself how precious and important they are to me.

I challenge each of you to pick a day this week to spend the day with your kids...focused completely on them.


Amanda said...

I think you are absolutely right about Emma... stunning is the perfect word. She is just perfection!!!

I do hope you feel better soon.. and get some much needed answers about your voice!


He & Me + 3 said...

I had the best day today with Stunt Man we spent it all outside. So fun. Hope your voice gets better.

Kelly Dawn said...

oh man - do i have to? mine are not little and cute like yours anymore - wahhhhh - quality time with my children means i listen while they babble (like toddlers) about LOTS of teen drama -

but ok dangit - i guess i will :)