Sunday, March 21, 2010

Politics and Our Christian Walk and Duty

I know not everyone is as well, engrossed in politics as I am, but after reading a few blogs today I'm completely saddened as I read not once, not twice, but 5 different Christian bloggers admit they do not follow politics at all and that they "really don't know anything or much about this Health Care bill"....people this is OUR Country and it's not only our RIGHT, but our DUTY to not only keep up with politics, but to keep people in or out of offices and make them ACCOUNTABLE for their votes. This effects us. Politics EFFECTS us, every single day. We ELECT these people to REPRESENT us. They are not placed in these positions to do THEIR will, but to do OUR WILL. IF "WE" as Citizens and as Christians are not keeping them accountable, well this is what happens. They've been left to do as they please for far too long and we're now facing a vote that if passed WILL Change our NATION. IF you don't know, part of this bill will hire MORE IRS Agents and THEIR JOB will be to keep track that EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN has a form of health insurance and if they do not they will take it from their wages. The IRS will have private information that up until they have not had any legal allowances to have, but IF this bill is passed they'll have it. They will ultimately be the new "Healthcare Dictators" in making sure people have what THEY deem to be "proper" Health Care.

If anyone thinks this bill is good, I'm sorry but in my opinion you're crazy. The Government can't manage anything they're over the way it is. The National Debt is the highest it's ever been and now they want to add on OVER 2 TRILLION dollars of debt that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for. We are as  a nation on our way to Socialism. Today a now former FB friend said she'd done some research (sorry but I roll my eyes at this) on Socialism and Communism and neither were nearly as horrible as she remembered learning growing up. Ignorance and Arrogance go hand in hand and when we as people have become so ignorant that socialism and communism do not seem that bad I honestly feel like my head is going to EXPLODE. Our Constitution is being trampled and so many people simply do not care and are not interested. Our lives are about to change ladies and gentlemen and not in a good way if this bill passes.


Kristie said...

Months ago... for one of my classes I downloaded the 1018 page healthcare bill.

Not an interesting easy read... but something we should look into!


He & Me + 3 said...

Extremely upset that this bill passed. Life is going to change quickly and not for the better. Ugh. Keep praying my friend.

Amanda said...

I love your passion girl!! There are SO many things wrong with this bill. And if anyone thinks that easier Abortion is not being passed through it, they are crazy. Even Planned Parenthood said that the Executive Order means NOTHING on their website, and they are thrilled with the passing of HCR. Just look who is happy about it passing! That should be an indication right there that something is wrong!

People do need to know what is going on.