Saturday, March 13, 2010

My little update

I did a little update on my blog some things are obviously noticable...such as the background change (the old one was for winter and well this girl is ready for some spring). I also went through my various links and deleted ones that no longer work, blogs I no longer read, etc.
So that was the last 20 minutes of my time! :)

Today Chad woke me up at 10:30 (yep this girl can sleep in, I may struggle getting to sleep, but once there oh sleep is beautiful!). He woke me up (although normally he'd let me sleep until I actually got up on my own) because a friend of ours called to say we should get to what's more or less called the "Kindergarten Bazaar" Ultimately it's an indoor garage sale/flea market but only children's items being sold and only good quality! Last year before I was even pregnant this same friend had told me she'd found a great stroller at this sale, and knew the lady who owned it, but it was after the fact. She kept forgetting to ask her if she still had the stroller and I figured that if I was meant to have it, GOD would provide a way for me to get it. That time came this morning! If you know anything about German strollers you know they are in one word...AMAZING! I'm sorry but I've yet to see any American strollers that are as wonderful as German ones. For one German's USE their strollers so much more than American's. They walk so much more, these strollers are truly so durable, and comfortable for the child, and common sense has been placed when making them. They're made for various heights, most strollers handles are adjustable, and just so much. I can't even think of the brand the stroller is that we bought today (sad I know!) but it's about a $300-400.00 stroller when brand new (and converted over from Euro), with everything that came with it! So what came with it you ask that makes it so wonderful? Well besides it being practically brand new (they only used it for 1 child), it has this "thing" in it (sorry again I'm blank on the name, but most of you speak English so the German name wouldn't mean anything to you anyways! LOL) it's more or less like a bassinet that fits in the stroller, you can lift it out with the baby in it, if you get home and baby is sleeping and you don't want to chance waking. It comes with this great piece that reminds me of a sleep sack (best way I know how to describe it in English) to keep the baby warm while in the stroller (they make these for toddlers as well who are still in strollers, we have one for Emma). It came with all the various weather gear (rain cover, etc), AND it came with this cool seat that I've actually never seen before (the previous owners ordered it special for their older son to sit in), it attaches to the front of the stroller (so they'd be sitting ultimately over the babies feet), it's a little seat that actually reminds me of the booster/high chair seats that you can hook to the table. Did I mention it's pretty well in brand new condition? Oh and the wheels are awesome, the front swivel which is always nice, but you can also push a foot lever so that the back will swivel as well, and it has it so they can go straight, swivel just a little, or swivel even more! I am totally loving this stroller! I will take pictures of it tomorrow and share!! :) The boys each bought themselves a bionicle a piece, and we found Emma 2 cute sweaters for everyday wear and we found her a beautiful sweater that she'll be wearing with her Easter Dress, a pair of cute little shoes, a pair of pants, a cute shirt that Daddy didn't pay attention and see that it's a little big (as in size 5 lol...but it is cute), and a cute little crochetted hat.

Then....after we were done we went out to eat to Chinese. It was very good (so close to American Chinese, if only they'd figure out how to make Crab Ragoon), but I doubt I'll be eating anymore during this pregnancy because it really, really messed with my blood sugar. I felt horrible afterwards and told Chad this was going to be the last for me for the next couple of months. Yes you read that right...2 more months. Yesterday I hit 28 weeks! I'm officially in my 3rd trimester now. This pregnancy is just FLYING by. I'm now going to my ob every 2 weeks. I will also be seeing a specialist for Gestational Diabetes. I'm not positive if I have full blown or not. I did this with Emma as well, and just saw him 3 times, after making some very minor adjustments and being diligent on staying on top of testing myself I got an all clear from the specialist. I know that this pregnancy the last couple of weeks I've been feeling off and know that it's my blood sugar. I did get a new machine to test my blood sugar on Friday at our clinic, so I plan to go into the specialist with my readings starting tomorrow. I go see him on the 22nd, and am praying that as I'm aware of what my sugar levels are and I continue making the needed adjustments with my diet all will be controllabe and no need for shots of insulin.

I'm off, my Wildcats are playing (Kansas State!)'s the Big 12 Championship and we're playing our rivals...KU (University of Kansas). It's a good game and we're hungry for this if you hear some screaming, hootin', and hollarin'...that's just me! ;)


Donna said...

Good grief, have I been absent here so long? You're pregnant!

Mommato2miracles said...

Hey there! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. Congrats on the impending birth:-) My father was in the military and we actually spent some time in Bad Toelz and in Augsburg:-)
I am actually writing about the scope that you are having done. I myself have not had this done. But my 3.5yr son has had it done twice and is actually having the capsule endoscopy done this coming thursday as well. He hasn't ever complained of his throat being sore, and eats popsicles and drinks right away with no problems. Praying that yours goes well too.

Amy said...

You're 28 weeks!?!?! Wow! It's been too long! Actually, my son earased my blog folder so I'm trying to revisit, save links, etc. Do you know what you are having?
Glad you got answers from the ENT. Nothing is worse than feelings crummy and not knowing why. I just saw an ENT for what I thought was chronic allergies and it was more a structural problem and my tonsils. Both are fixed and I feel 100% better!