Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally Answers

I honestly thought the ENT wouldn't find anything, and it'd be a virus and I'd have to wait until the baby was born to feel better. Well I do have to wait until the baby is born to feel good again, but not because of a virus. He found I have severe Reflux for one and I also have a cyst on the back of my tongue which is hitting my lyrnx and causing my hoarseness. The cyst will have to come out, but not until after the baby is born. He wants to see me in 4 weeks to check on the cyst and making sure it's not growing, but if I have any issue's before then I'll go see him. I am thankful I now have answers, and although there's not an immediate fix for it, to know in probably about 3 months this will hopefully be a thing of the past, that's a true relief.

To top off this day, it's in the mid 50's today AND the sun is shining!!!!!!! The beautiful, beautiful sun! The boys are done with school and outside playing now and once Emma's up from her nap we'll all be heading out there to enjoy this beautiful day. The kids have already had some outdoor playtime today, since there was a park behind the drs office and Chad took them out there while they waited on me (we didn't know how I'd feel after the scope, oh which I didn't mention wasn't bad at all, went up through my nose so all that happened was my eyes watering! My nose is still a bit numb, but the numbness in  my mouth and throat and teeth are gone!! )

I do have to admit I was REALLY nervous over that scope, but I'm so glad my nerves were far worse than reality. I'm so thankful for all who have been praying for me. I KNOW there are sooo many far worse things and I really honestly have kept that as my perspective. I am glad to know what's going on with my body. I'm so very blessed that I have so many friends and family who love me and care about me and are willing to pray for me.

Have a blessed day!


Kristie said...

Your in my thoughts and prayers!


Kathryn said...

oh no! What an awful thing to deal with while pregnant. I hope you feel better and that you make it until the baby is born! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I am glad that you got some answers and that you had such nice weather today. Sounds like our day. Just gorgeous.

Emily said...

So thankful for answers! Love you!

Beth in NC said...

I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you had feared. Thank GOD for medicine. I pray the cyst just GOES AWAY -- now that you know what it is you can tackle it in prayer.

Feel better (((hugs))),