Friday, March 12, 2010

Going to get some Answers!!!!!!!!!!

So I went in to our clinic today and found out the referral for the ENT to have a scope down was approved. I'm anything but thrilled about having a scope stuck down my throat, but it will give us an answer to find out what exactly is going on it just a virus or something more, that will happen next Thursday. If you've had it done is there anything I should be prepared for? I do gag easily and know they are supposed to give a nasal spray to numb which should help if not prevent that from happening. What about afterwards? Will my throat be a little sore (or more) from having a foreign object pushed down my throat? I don't have fear just more I want to have as much knowledge as I can and asking people who've been through it before is one great way of getting information. So thank you in advance!! :) Next week is going to be busy for us. Jacob has his dental cleaning next Tuesday and I have my ob apt next Tuesday as well, Chad will take Jacob and the other two kids to the dentist since my apt is 30 minutes after Jacob's! Wednesday is PWOC, Thursday is the Scope, Friday is German class for the kids and I amd homeschool PE after that.

Oh and did I mention it's snowing here again??? That's right, middle of March and we're getting more snow. It's supposed to be a mix of snow and rain from today through next Friday (as of the forecast today!) I have decided I will not feel "safe" from the snow until May. Crazy German weather!! :)


Julie the Army Wife said...

Oh I hope they can find out what is wrong!

I do not miss the I hope it clears up for you soon.

He & Me + 3 said...

Never had a scope..sorry. I pray that all goes well and you get the answers. Oh no to more snow. Yuck. :)

Amanda said...

YEAH!!! Praying for answers for you!! (and NO pain!)