Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Prayers and Ob apt

For my long time readers you will remember my dear, dear Heather, for my new readers let me give a quickly summerization. Heather is a dear friend of mine, she moved back to the states in December (much to my protest and tears). Her husband's an Army chaplain and I love their whole family (Emma called her hubby "Daddy Scott" when Chad was deployed, because we spent so much time together), her son watched the kids for me often, and we all love their daughter.

Two years ago this month, Heather died. She's alive now, but we'd lost her for a few moments and praise GOD he allowed her to come back with the help of modern medicine. Heather had been sick (not big or anything, but a cold and just feeling yuck and then add on the stresses of an upcoming deployment she wasn't taking care of herself like she needed). Tuesday she had lunch with a friend and that's the last she remembers (to this day). That night around 9 ish she told her son to call another of our friends that she needed to go to the hospital. He called,s he came and took her and the kids went across the hall to her neighbor and another of our friends. Heather's blood sugar was over 800, the drs told our friend that she was stable and she could go ahead and leave and come back in the morning and they'd be releasing Heather. That did not happen, soon after she left they lost Heather, she then went into a coma and remained in a coma for the next 4 weeks. The Army was AWESOME and got Scott home by Thursday. It was a long and scary many weeks. After she woke up she had a few months of inhouse rehabilitation. Today you'd hardly know she ever had such a life changing event happen to her, the scar on her neck and the slightest of a limp which honestly I can't even hardly recall her having when they left Germany! Heather's parents came quickly ( the Friday after she got sick) and her inlaws came over for a few weeks as well.)

Heather was very close to her Mom, they talked on the phone pretty well every day. This past Friday Heather asked us to pray for her Mom, she'd been hospitalized because of breathing issue's, which was not good since she was already on oxygen 24 hours a day. Saturday morning they got the devestating news that she had leukemia, that afternoon she went home to Jesus. The funeral is today, well it actually should be starting right now, so I ask that you pray for my dear friend Heather, her family, her Daddy, her brother and his family. I did talk to her last night and so thankful that we got to hear each others voices. I just love her so much and to think of her heart hurting in any way.

For good news I had my latest ob apt. it was glucose test day, which in Germany is a 2 hour test. The first blood draw was a little high and after the first hour was very high, the 3rd blood draw was normal. I will be going and seeing the specialist. I had this with Emma, it was never full blown gestational diabetes, considered borderline and I controlled it with diet and took my blood sugars various times a day which I'm going to guess will be the same thing this time. I have really been trying to be very careful this time over all, but last night for sure was a higher starch night for dinner and I was prepared and told my dr that last nights dinner wasn't the best. So although not the greatest news there, it wasn't horrible and it should be controlable. I saw the baby (every apt we get an ultrasound here in Germany). My ob knows what we're having, but we've decided for the first time ever not to find out!! I got a great profile picture of the baby. I am now to the point of going every 2 weeks now, I can't believe I'm at that point already! This pregnancy is flying by, in just 11 weeks we should be meeting our newest member of the family, it's nothing short of a miracle and such the glory of GOD and his love for us!!!

Thank you for the prayers for my sweet Heather and her family....I pray you each have a good day.


Kathryn said...

Glad your pregnancy is going well! I have to go for the diabetes test my next appointment in a few weeks! Glad everything is ok though! :)

Missie said...

You never have to ask me twice. Heather and her family are in my prayers.

I'm so glad your ob appt went well. I can't believe how fast it's going either.

Amanda said...

I was of course crying reading this... so sad for her loss, so over joyed that your little one is healthy!

Will be praying...


Bri said...

I'm sorry to hear about Heather's mom and I am praying for them. :(

I will be praying for you as well as you walk through these last 11 weeks of pregnancy. YAY, YAY, YAY on getting a peek at baby every OB visit! That's awesome!

Kelly Dawn said...

saying a prayer for heather and her family--- and so happy for you that your ob appt came out well - i cant believe you are that close to giving birth!!