Friday, March 19, 2010


Friday nights are Hospitalty House nights for us. The House as those who attend or have attended call it, is a missionary outreach to the local military community, all are welcome be it civilians, host nationals, and military singles, married, and families. Childcare is available. We have dinner (every week there's a different theme, so going off that theme we make our choose of food and someone signs up and brings dessert). The kids are fed before going to the House and then once there the kids go to childcare while we eat, then clean up, then start fellowship, prayer time, and bible study, and finish with dessert (the kids are brought up during dessert). Well tonight as we were starting dessert the couple who run the house, their oldest daughter came upstairs laughing and said Emma was being silly. The daughter, "M" lost her tooth while downstairs (she's 12 yrs old) and Emma freaked out for some reason and got it in her head that she'd lose a tooth if her diaper was changed. Chad had to go down there and change her diaper and he said she was SCREAMING her head off, determined her tooth would fall out! LOL She is going through a scared phase right now. Be it monsters (which no one here talks about, the boys are not allowed to even watch Monsters Inc.), the stairwell in our apartment building, etc. (The stairs is the biggest and most constant "fear"). I will admit I don't have a lot of patience for the fears. I hold her hand, but make her walk down the stairs (or Daddy or one of the long as someone is holding her hand she's fine and she only gets scared on the landings, not the actual stairs!).

I will say though that as trivial as these fears seem to me, I know they're real for her. Just as I am concerned over the possibility of this new (and HORRIBLE) Healthcare aka Obamacare being passed and signed into law, ultimately we have to give it to GOD. I'm praying that GOD will have mercy for our nation. We don't deserve it. As a whole our nation has turned its back on our LORD. It's revolted against all things moral and of value in the Lord. We instead cling to being all inclusive, politically correct, and accepting of all behaviors, etc. I pray for Mercy. I pray that the Lord will give us mercy that we do not deserve, as we have done nothing to deserve his Mercy, but I encourage you ALL to pray for it for our Nation. Pray for those who are fighting against this horrid healthcare bill and all that it entails. In case you don't know, the IRS will also be involved, they'll be hiring new agents to make sure EVERYONE has healthcare. This will cost at LEAST 2.5 TRILLIONS dollars. Socialized and Universal Healthcare are NOT a good thing. They will lower the quality of our health care, the waiting will double to triple, and if you think it's going to be "Free" you're WRONG. Pray you don't end up seriously sick (cancer, heart issues, etc) because it will NOT be your drs deciding if you need or qualify for treatment, it will be the GOVERNMENT. You know the US Government, the one that's led us into a financial disaster, among other lovely things. We all know how trusted the IRS is.

Let us pray and seek GOD's wisdom and most of all his MERCY. Pray this bill does NOT pass. If you love our Nation. If you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, you need to be calling your Congressman and Senators. Also if you are any where close to Washington, DC tomorrow (Saturday March 20)....please show up and let them know you do NOT want this bill to go through. WE have rights, right now. Don't let them strip them away, because this is only the beginning.


He & Me + 3 said...

Amen...praying against that healthcare bill for sure.