Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh music not always so sweet

I may have just lost my mind officially and my husband AND daughter are all to blame! Emma has her little xylophone and is hitting it as hard as possible and singing at the top of her sweet little lungs. Let me say that what she has done to "Jesus Loves Me" makes run to the bathroom and check to see if my ears are bleeding! LOL Oh praise JESUS she just stopped. Chad was encouraging her and telling her "louder, louder"...there's something evil in him I tell you. Oh no it's started up again. Is there a 12 step program for this? LOL All joking aside it brings my heart so much joy to see my child so completely open to just sing her sweet little heart out, pound away, and know she'll be praised and loved.

Speaking of's a couple of pictures of her over the last couple of weeks, they have not been edited at all (one of these days I'll get busy on learning PSP)....

at the park on one of the VERY few warmer days
we had a couple weeks ago.

My sweet happy girl gigging

I know this is all short and ending sweet (just look at that face up there!!) but it's family time! :) I'll write more later.


Cascia said...

She is beautiful even if she bangs on her xylophone and sings off the top of her lungs. Enjoy her while she is still little. Trust me, when she gets older she will be much, much louder.