Saturday, March 06, 2010

Something to think about, pray about

Yes I know I most likely have readers who are going to disagree with this article, but if you do I'd urge you to pray and open up your bible and search your heart as to WHY you're reading this series and how you are finding it worthy in your walk with Christ? Is this something you'd read if Christ was sitting right there beside you in the flesh? If your answer is no, then why are you reading it??? This really to me speaks volumes for more than just this particular series and even the subject. It goes for tv programs, other movies, music, etc. If were not willing to do it if we were looking Jesus in the eyes, then we shouldn't be doing it just because we can't see him the flesh...because HE IS there, he see's what were doing. I am not saying I don't fall into this trap in certain area's, but its something I'm working desperately hard on (one of the many things I'm working hard on when it comes to my walk and all those road blocks that Satan throws up in my walk with our Lord...Satan sure is a sneaky one).

We have to guard our hearts and treat them so tenderly and carefully. This also includes our families. What we're allowing them to be exposed to from tv, movies, music, print, video games, etc. Our children see everything we're doing, reading, etc if we're not setting the example ourselves as well as setting the limits on what they're exposed to we're not encouraging their walk with the Lord, but hindering it. It's a definite process and we'll fall on our faces over and over (oh yes I'm most definitely talking about myself here). Even those things that seem like they're "innocent" such as certain Disney Movies, can be some of the biggest road blocks by Satan our children are dealing with in their young lives. (Such as the new movie, The Princess and the Frog...not a movie I'll ever allow my children to watch...voodoo is witch craft and will not be something my children are exposed to as long as I have anything to say about it, no matter how "cute" it is!)


Kathryn said...

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with this post, at least people I know probably would. But I agree. I have never been a fan of the Twilight series, and it bothers me that people try to find a Biblical theme in it. About the witches, I was never allowed to watch Disney movies as a child because my parents said witches, and magic were bad, and pretty much all Disney movies had that. I do think people need to be more careful and not just let their kids watch any old thing. They need to be monitoring it, and watching it themselves first.

CntryMomma said...

I don't see how Christians can justify reading the Twilight series either. And I didn't take the girls to see The Princess and The Frog for that same exact reason.

Amanda Jo said...

Christy, I hope this is the blog you mentioned in your comment. If not, send me a link! :)

I have not read the Twilight series because I know good and well how people can get sucked in. After leading a teen girl Bible study for 3 weeks, and Twilight being brought up at each one, I finally decided to watch the movies. Sure I was a wee bit curious but the main reason for watching was to be able to have an intelligent conversation with my teens about the movies/books they are so obsessed with.

Is Twilight godly? Not by any stretch. Would I recommend anyone watch it? No.

You're right though, Twilight is a slippery slope. If you aren't under the protection of the Lord, you will slip and fall. It will consume your thoughts.

Do I regret watching Twilight? No. Watchint Twilight and New Moon was one of the best things I could have done to reach my youth girls (who have read the books multiple times and watched the movies over and over and over). I can't tell you how many covnersations we've had about lust, the messianic view many girls have of Edward {and how wrong that is}, obession and idols.