Wednesday, March 10, 2010

to the drs I did go

Well I went to the drs this afternoon (after waking up with a nasty stomach bug, of course is there any such thing as a nice one???). The nurse who happens to be a friend tried to take my temp orally and I couldn't do it, I kept gagging...I LOVE ear themometers. The dr came in and she tried to look down my throat but I kept gagging. Since she couldn't see anything she could not make a determination on what's going on with my throat. So she put in a referral for me to see the ENT and have a scope down my throat and let them see what's going on for sure. She said what she THINKS it is, she believes I do have a virus and that before I can get over one virus I get another one. Of course our post has changed how referrals are done, if it's classified as routine it has to go before the medical board of our little clinic and approved or not, which happens at the end of each day. So, tomorrow I will find out if it was approved. She said she was not sure if they would approve it since I'm pregnant (she said that she believes that'd be the only thing to hold them back from doing it since I've been battling this for 2 months now). She did say too that if it IS a virus that it does of course just have to run its course and said that it may be another 2 months (until the baby is born and it actually warms up here). She did say that in her opinion that's the worst case scenerio, but at least that'd give us a time line of what I'm dealing with. So I guess it's again a wait and see...see if the scope is approved, see if it is a virus or something else, and well finish this pregnancy out.

Oddly enough although I've been sick in some way since Christmas Eve, the pregnancy itself has been so easy and has gone very well, and I give all the praise to JESUS. I recognize that I could be fighting all this junk and be extremely sick via pregnancy as well so I'm extremely thankful that for the most part it's just a fair amount of discomfort and quite a bit of annoyance.

Chad and I are going to sit down too and talk about the boys school. Because I've felt so cruddy, I really feel like I've been falling down with the boys and their school work and getting just the min. done so that I can then lay down and rest. That's not fair to my boys and I want so much more, so Chad's going to have to help with their schooling more than ever and make sure all is being completed. We've not done history or science in so long it's not even funny. I LOVE history so it's really a shame, and well I don't enjoy science, but the boys love it. So with him stepping up and helping more our boys will get the education they need and deserve and will honestly take this guilt from me that I'm failing our children.

I'm off to rest some more, the stomach's churning again....soup's on the menu for me and Chad's making pizza for the kids and himself.

God Bless


Kelly Dawn said...

hey i applaud what you do with homeschool - i would have pulled my hair out :) and hurt someone too :) I hope you get your voice back soon and I am glad you got some sort of answer to your questions :)

Love you!!

Praying for you!


Beth in NC said...

You poor thing! I pray you feel better ASAP -- even before they try to stick something down your throat (ick).

Bless you!

Bri said...

Praying they approve the referral and praying that any further viruses stay away. I hope you feel better soon. Don't feel guilty about the boys school work. Seriously, they are smart boys and they'll be caught up in no time. So they've had a less than *conventional* schedule this year. It happens! :)

Amanda said...

I wish we lived closer so I could help out! And then you could help me figure out how to homeschool! lol

Hope you are better soon sweety!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so sad that you are not feeling good. Glad that the pregnancy is going well. Get some rest and I am saying prayers.