Friday, March 05, 2010

tick tock

Seriously I just keep getting sick this pregnancy, and not even pregnancy related sickness (that'd be FAR LESS annoying!). It started on Christmas eve (a nasty stomach virus which lasted a few days) started feeling better, then ended up with what turned out to be a virus in my throat and I STILL have it, and now I have a cold and of course each of the kids have been sick a FEW times between then and now and Chad as well (his was just one day). I actually love winter, but well I'm started to feel a little "over it" now, mostly because I just want to be HEALTHY. I have a cold on top of everything, coughing to the point that 3 of my friends yesterday told me (over the phone...which they're all 3 LUCKY they're all in the states so I couldn't choke that I sounded like a 40 yr smoker (if you know anything about me it's that I HATE smoking with a PASSION) so it's pretty one the biggest insult. (I did joke that I sounded like my mother, seriously this is what she sounds like because she has smoked for over 30 years...but I won't go off on that today). The coughing is from deep down, sore throat that was so raw I could taste the blood in the back of my throat, and stuffy head. Yesterday I was a total bum and barely moved from the couch, other than to go to the bathroom multiple times a day...coughing and pregnancy do not go well together, or sneezing.

I know...whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Sorry I am just tired of feeling so gross, it's been over 2 months and I REALLY do want to just feel GOOD, and to have my normal voice back would be awesome, and be able to sing would be an awesome blessing because it's that thing that just makes me feel like me. I LOVE to sing and not bragging, but it's a gift that GOD has blessed me with, so not being able to use this gift just sucks. It's truly extremely difficult for me to stand and just listen or mouth the words during Chapel, PWOC, and Hospitality House. I'm going to really baby my voice this weekend and talk as little as possible, drink lots of hot tea with honey and lemon and hopefully I can get rid of this junk once and for all.

I keep reminding myself that GOD is trying to teach me something through all of this gross nastiness, I'm really not sure what, but I KNOW he it's time to get on my knee's and ask him to make his teaching for me clear so maybe I can GET it and we can move on to him teaching me something else!! :)

It's time to head to the Hospitality's Mexican Night!! YUMMO!


Kathryn said...

Hope you feel better! :)