Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day 3-Prayer for America

Day 3 - Prayer for America
5. Pray for the leaders, churches and Christians of Arizona and Arkansas.

6. Pray for all of our Representatives and Senators who serve in the U.S. Congress, that they will govern with God-honoring discernment and preserve the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

My prayer today:

Lord of all tonight we seek your wisdom and forgiveness. We pray for those in Arizona and Arkansas. The Christians who live in these two states as well as the leadership of both states. No matter what side of the isle they "sit" on, Lord we pray that the Holy Spirit will be in them and they will do your will for our country and nothing less.

Prayers for all our Representatives and Senators from every state in our country. Lord, in the next two days major decisions could be made for our country as the House votes for the new bill. I pray that if it's in your will it will pass, but if it's not, it will fail and fail miserably. Only you are sovereign enough to get our country out of the mess we got ourselves into and only you can truly bless our country. No matter what comes, I pray that every person who seeks you, will praise you through this storm and all others still to come. You blessed us oh Lord with a country that has been fruitful in so many ways, yet arrogant and ungrateful in just as many. Lord forgive me as your child and as a child who's been blessed to be born in America. Lord, I thank you for every blessing and challenge you place before me and our country. Let us be a country that is seeking you and desiring your ways.

It's in your holy name