Friday, October 24, 2008

Quiet weekend

It's going to be a strangley quiet weekend here in my home this weekend. Here it is 1:20 am not a big surprise that it's quiet and I'm feeling VERY tired, so I plan to head to bed once I'm done here.

The boys are having a sleep over tonight with their friend "B" (his mom is my best friend over here, "B"). Tomorrow is son "B's" birthday party. It'll be at the bowling alley, so I'm guessing the boys will ride with their family up there and Emma and I will meet them up there. I'm hoping to walk up there. Hopefully it will not be raining. After that party both boys are going to the same house to have a sleep over with their friends/brothers S&E. Their Mom "A" is one of my closests and dearest friends here. They're moving in December, so this is really their last chance for a sleep over since in less than 2 weeks the movers will come and pack up their house and they'll only have military furniture and just a few toys to play with. They're not a big tv family, but they do watch movies here and there so I'm going to offer the tv that sits unwatched in my bedroom to them while they are still here.

Anyways, I will get the boys at church on Sunday. We'll come home, have lunch, do some last minute studying on their AWANA verses to just make sure they've got them, have some quiet time (maybe a short nap if we're tired and need it!), then it'll be off to AWANA, we need to be there no later than 4:15. I am going to try to be at the chapel to drop Emma off at childcare by 4:10 so I can be at the gym no later than 4:15. This year they changed the childcare hours to drop off at 4:00, which makes it so much better, since we need to be at the gym waiting for our kids to show up no later than 4:15 and have them ready and in the gym by 4:30. This is only the 2nd week too, so it'll be quite hectic still.

I need to decide what I'm making for dinner for Sunday still. I have some cube steaks and I have a recipe I can use them for, in the crock pot so I'll probably do that. Make for a much easier dinner when we come home. After dinner, it'll be bath time, prayer time, then bedtime.
I will barely have any time with my boys this weekend. It makes me sad, but it's a welcomed break too. If only I could get someone to take Emma for a few hours over this that would be nice! LOL

I do think tomorrow when I get home though, I'm going to get all the laundry that is in my living room put away and my dining room cleaned up. It's gross and messy, and I mean MESSY. I know a lot of people want to say their home is, but I highly doubt the majority of you live in the mess I am right now. When I'm sad and just feeling blue I want to sit on the comfort of my couch and pretend I have a perfectly clean house. It's denial and my home suffers because of it and that's just not good, so I'm pulling myself out of this pity party and going to get things together. I'm far too embarrased to have anyone over here, even "B" and she's seen this place BAD and I've seen her place bad, but this is just unacceptable and I know it. We won't even talk about my bedroom. Sure I can close the door, but it doesn't take away from the stressful mess that it is. You literally can't walk into my bedroom without stepping on something. It's rediculous and most of it's clothing that I've not put away. In piles on baskets and placed on boxes that I've tossed in there when someone has shown up and I've thrown junk into them to hide it. It's so bad. I want my bedroom to be my santuary. I would love to have it clean enough that I could paint my bedroom. I want a new bedspread. Something pretty and femine. Something opposite of what I have now, which is so ugly, very masculine, but ugly none the less! Actually I haven't even been using the comforter, and instead have just had my quilt that's pink on there. I love that quilt, my grandma made it for me and it's treasured. Anyways, I want to find something pretty so I can feel comforted in my own bedroom. Will you pray I get off my lazy butt and get that room cleaned? Trust me when I say Chad would be STUNNED to come home to a clean, organized bedroom, that actually looked pretty. I probably wouldn't have it painted, just for the fact that our furniture is too heavy for me to move and I am not comfortable or feel it's appropriate to have another man in my bedroom if my husband is not in there too, so I can't ask for help. Maybe it's the one little project Chad and I can do together over R&R, it'd just take a day to paint, so it's something to talk to Chad about (before he comes home so he's not shocked at my request! LOL).

Well, I can't do it anymore. There were more things I wanted to talk about, but just can't!

Thank you to all who commented on 2 entries ago entry!

If this entry makes no sense, please know I'm just so stinking tired and in my head it made perfect sense! LOL

God Bless


Linda said...

I can't remember if we talked about this before, but have you ever done I know that it really helped Sandra Casey to get organized in a way she never could before....

I feel for you, I really you, I'd rather just pretend it doesn't exist. With wanting to buy a house in SC, I REALLY need to buckle down and make my entire home a sanctuary...a place where we all want to BE, and not just sleep.

a corgi said...

hoping you got a good night's rest and that you enjoyed a little quiet time without the boys as they enjoyed their sleep over; I think its neat that they can go and have fun like that and give you a little bit of a break :)


Gillie said...

Hope you enjoyed a little quiet time while the boys were away.

I so sympathize with you on the mess. We remodeled our bathroom in May and all the stuff I moved out of the way so they could get to the bathroom is still piled in the same spot in my bedroom gathering dust. I want to clean it but always find something else to do. :(